Volunteer Administration and Management

We believe volunteers are more than just generous, benevolent stewards of your mission and vision, they are also the single-handedly most powerful example of your organization's heart and hands, arms and legs.  When your volunteer program is designed and managed strategically,  magical things can happen and volunteers not only feel supported and essential, but fully engaged and invested. 

Unless they don't, right?

So let us help you make your volunteer program the best it can be for your organization. We offer support in a variety of areas including:

  • Volunteer administration strategy and design
  • Volunteer management strategy and design 
  • Volunteer program leadership educational support 
  • Volunteer description and orientation design 
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It is our mission to support charitable organizations more powerful to engage and manage their highest level stakeholders by creating the evaluation, design, and strategies necessary to fulfill their missions.

It is our vision to help create a culture of nonprofit success by arming nonprofits with the tools and strategies necessary to allow their stakeholder operations to be as dynamic as their individual mission and visions.

Rhincorn can help with your board member management design and strategy.  

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