Volunteer Program Design & Management

Volunteerism is a complicated construct within the nonprofit culture. Often seen as essential, sometimes necessary, and at times ornamental, how a nonprofit organizes and wields their unpaid human capital can make or break their mission. Volunteerism is free, but running volunteer programs are not. So making the right investments in tools, teams and technology is key. 

Rhinocorn is a full-service consultancy that can support a number of your needs to effectively manage and empower your volunteer department(s) at both the nationwide and local levels. Our services are not exclusive to supporting the typical volunteer demographic or leadership, we also specialize in corporate volunteerism and special group volunteerism design. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help support your volunteer direction or design needs. 


    • Rhinocorn can build a new national or local volunteer administration model to help support the governance and programming needs of a 21st century volunteer management program - complete with all the necessary tools and technology - that protects and propels your nonprofit effectively.
    • Rhinocorn can perform an Engagement audit of your Volunteer Management department's communications and outreach tactics to address opportunities for growth and refinement. 
    • Rhinocorn can lead a workshop on improving Engagement practices with your volunteer staff and leaders at the national and localized levels depending on your needs and size of nonprofit. 


    • Direct Support, Design & Implementation Services
    • Written Content
    • Organizational Scope + Assessment Support
    • Webinars and Workshops
    • Accelerator Retreats