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UNICORN TARTARE | Interview Question Format

Ben uses a transformational question format allowing guests to approach their topic in a less transactional way or black-and-white format. Transformational questions allows guest to express their thoughts with critical thinking and expression front and center. This also allows both subject matter experts and impassioned people alike to speak from their true experience and insight just as effectively. This method also allows the listener or viewer to see inside the topic, as opposed to just being "told" about something. 

Below are the exact questions and order guests will be asked to answer for their interview - formatted against their topic of choice. 

  1. Let’s start with a personal question: why the topic of ___________ for you?

  2. What always surprises you about _________ and the nonprofit sector?

  3. What is the nonprofit sector unintentionally learning by continuing __________?

  4. How might ending/championing/solving ___________ truly affect the industry?

  5. Why do you think this issue hasn’t been solved already?  

  6. What is one thing a person watching this exchange today can do to personally or professionally to move the needle when it comes to ___________?