Welcome to The Rundown

As Rhinocorn's founder + principal, I read a wealth of nonprofit content each and every day. I then pick 3-5 of the very best just for you, the busy professional. Created with Engagement Professionals in mind, The Rundown and The Nonprofit InfoShare Network on Facebook are places to read, share and address the very best of the nonprofit industry impacting engagement professionals. 

How do I choose the articles I share? I tend to read 30-50 articles a week and often look for content that:

  1. Offers a philosophical or educational idea that helps the reader think differently, or become more progressive, smarter, faster, and/or stronger. 
  2. Takes that philosophical or educational idea to the next level by offering real tips, building blocks and/or practical steps toward achievement.
  3. Have a unique point of view or sense of humor or wit. 

Now, is everything I share hitting one or more of these three? No, not always. But most of them will. And in insuring so, I hope to offer something of value and to be your favorite digest of worthy content on the block.

PLEASE NOTE: While I do not take requests or formal submissions, I am open to reading submitted content to consider for the Rundown. It can be old or new. Please feel free to email me anytime with your ideas - ben@rhinocornconsulting.com  

The Rundown: Where nonprofit Engagement Professionals go to get smarter, quicker. 


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