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The Rundown 3.22.2017

CSR is generically seen as a two-way road: a concept that both corporations and nonprofits alike engage within and benefit from. But it’s really not. CSR is a concept that is owned and executed by the private sector that sometimes engage the nonprofit sector. 

A "fun" side-effect of thinking CSR is mutual are articles aimed at the private sector suggesting what corporate volunteers could and should do  - without suggesting a consult with nonprofit partners to confirm. We hate that. So Team Rhinocorn promises to always share these kinds of articles to keep you informed.

This week? We're out of town, but not out of sight and sharing some great articles on influence, behaviors, and trends to make you smarter, faster, stronger and more prepared to take on the world - and your corporate partners. Just please. No unnecessary meetings about it. Kill us now. 


4 Ways You Can Become A Person of Influence

  • Inspiring the Aspired - Wanting to be a leader and actually being a leader are two different things. And often the difference is intent and exercising a sense of trust and influence. 
  • Michael Hyatt shares a quick and witty piece about the difference between leadership and control and how to win people over with influence. 
  • 2 MIN READ

7 'Innocent' Meeting Behaviors That Will Annoy Your Team

  • Glitch in the Matrix - Have you ever had a meeting about a meeting? Or a meeting to talk about how cut down on meetings? Then you know the special hell that meetings can sometimes present. 
  • Bernard Marr does us all a solid by writing about the good-intentioned, badly designed, and ugly mistakes we all make about meetings that will kill your culture and morale faster than toupee in a hurricane. 
  • 3 MIN READ

Work to Give, Give to Work

  • Volunteering on the clock is a powerful new opportunity corporations are promoting - not just "paid time to volunteer" but time at work to volunteer for nonprofits needing support, virtually and otherwise.
  • Laura Shear over at the Relate Blog talks about the value at all levels of contribution for this budding new trend.
  • Which got us thinking... do you offer volunteer opportunities at your nonprofit where the efforts can be done digitally/remotely? Now is the time to promote them with your corporate partners while the iron is hot!
  • 2 MIN READ

Volunteering Reimagined: 5 Ways to Energize Employee Engagement

  • Insider Trading - One of the things you can always count on from Team Rhinocorn is our interest in showing nonprofits what corporations and CSR leaders are talking about when it comes to our side of the industry.
  • Mr. Aneil Rajaram over at Benevity spells out five great suggestions for corporations to get their employees volunteering more frequently. 
  • Which got us thinking again... do you offer any of these volunteer opportunities at your nonprofit? The iron is hot people! Hot irons! Promote these far and wide with your corporate partners.
  • 5 MIN READ

NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Conference

  • Where in the world is Team Rhinocorn? This week we're at the NTEN Conference in Washington DC Thurs-Saturday - learning, volunteering and networking.
  • Are you at the conference too? Let us know and we should meet for coffee or a high-five!


"Meetings should be like salt - a spice sprinkled carefully to enhance a dish, not poured recklessly over every forkful. Too much salt destroys a dish. Too many meetings destroy morale and motivation."

Jason Fried - Entrepreneur, founder of BaseCamp