The Rundown 2.7.2018

Welcome to the official one-year anniversary of The Rundown! Yes, just one short year ago, I thought to myself "How do I share some of the great stuff I read every week without overwhelming people?"  For you see, I used to just email random articles to friends and clients alike at will. Sometimes several times a week or more.

And then one day a coaching client was like "I love all the stuff you share, but could you maybe send it in like a digest or something?" And voila! The Rundown was born - and I’m proud to say has grown to thousands of weekly readers. So this seemed like a really good week to also launch something else into the world that I hope will be just as welcomed and appreciated: 31st Century Nonprofit White Papers.

So this issue, you're not only getting great articles to read, a new weekly word and self-care tip, but exclusive first-access to our White Paper concepts - complete with additional exclusive opportunities to join White Paper Working Groups as Rundown subscribers. Happy New Year, indeed! And welcome to this week's very special Rundown.



Functioning as Rhinocorn's think tank, 31st Century Nonprofits aims to truly change the nonprofit lexicon and landscape by offering a brand of fresh, creative, theory-driven, and progressive industry topics and tactics with a modern focus.

And one of the ways co-creator Kathy Wisniewski and I plan on doing this is with our White Paper model - explorational and informational guides that help nonprofit professionals identify and address complex issues by presenting our philosophy, solutions, and implementations on topics that matter.

WP: Solving Nonprofit Goal Achievement Failure

  • 31st Century Nonprofits' first White Paper exploring a new process and tool set to help finally solve real organizational issues often leading to goal failure.
  • Your goals are not failing by design, they are failing because often no one is taking stock of everything within your organization that can help or hinder your process in the first place. Until now.

This White Paper will also be featuring opportunities to join one of several Working Groups -  fully engaged group sessions with the authors and Team Rhinocorn to help your nonprofit address each topic with hands-on support and coaching.

Working Group sessions are first open to and discounted for Rundown subscribers on the Friday following the release of a White Paper and then open to any other nonprofit or professional the following Monday.



All Management Is Change Management
3 minute read

  • In the nonprofit industry, sometimes you don't need to know how to swim, but you do need to learn how to surf the waves.
  • Addressing one of my very favorite topics on the planet, Robert H. Schaffer at the Harvard Business Review is here to set it straight: "change management" isn't a kind of management, it is management. *clap clap clap*

Volunteer Return on Investment (ROI)
4 minute read

  • It's a struggle as old as time: what are free people really worth? We're prone to sometimes glibly reply "You get what you pay for!" until we realize the topic of conversation is on volunteers.
  • Taking this topic to a whole new level--including a toolkit--Tobi Johnson at VolunteerPro is done talking and is all about proving value these days with the introduction of a Volunteer ROI calculator. And I couldn't be happier.

Nonprofit Event Fundraising Part 1: What’s the Point?
5 minute read

  • It's been asked before: outside of the money and marketing, why are you doing that fundraising event? But rarely with such depth, consideration and a wealth of insights.
  • Powerfully outlined by Claire Axelrad at Clairification, she pulls at all the threads that often creates the tapestry of events we're happy to wrap ourselves in, but rarely will put through the wash.



We all know the classic nonprofit terms and definitions, but what happens when we need new ones? So Team Rhinocorn likes to suggest new thoughtful or playful terms we think need introduced into the new nonprofit lexicon.


Noun | A person around the office that is only highly expressive in emails, texts or interoffice messaging, but in meetings or one-one-one are far more reserved or quiet in nature. 

"Jim will go entire meetings and say nothing, but the minute you ask him a question over Messenger he becomes a total textrovert and will give you a dozen ideas and thoughts on the subject." 



Choose who you spend your time with today. Hang out with “Radiators” who emit enthusiasm and positivity, and not “Drains” whose pessimism and negativity robs energy.