The Rundown 1.31.2018

Change is hard. Really hard. Not just because we like things they way they are, but they often fulfill a kind of narrative of plight or nobility we're trying to express. We often feel like better people because we're tired, or stressed, or doing something the way "it's always been done" and that storyline has become our sword and shield.

So we don't just see change as challenging, we often see it as threatening to our day-to-day existence. So let me help. I'm not going to ask you to change. I'm simply going to ask you to learn. Learn other perspectives. Learn how someone else struggled, fought or thrived differently.  At most, learn a different way to think about change overall. 

This week? I'm not going to waste one minute thinking about what you do with these blogs, I'm only going to hope you read them and learn a little. Anything else is just bonus.  Enjoy this week's Rundown. 



Why Fundraisers Shouldn't Be Making Friends with Donors
2 minute read

  • Seriously read this article. Don't just read the headline and form an opinion. If for no other reason because if you already disagree, you might even disagree more and that's the point of smart, edgy content: to help us think differently and/or reinforce our existing beliefs more dynamically. 
  • An article I completely and fully agree with, Greg Warner from MarketSmart, lays out a reality that's all too true and honest and expertly explains why it's not only wrong, it's detrimental. 

The Saga Continues: The Nonprofit Stigma
5 minute read

  • I really appreciate people who have something to say and smartly say it over and over until we finally hear them. 
  • A continuation from his prior blog I posted a few weeks back, Drew Hackman is doubling down and responding to those who suggest the topic of nonprofit salary stigmas are fruitless. Bravo, my good man. Bravo. 

Why Play Should Be a Priority for Every Adult’s Life
6 minute read

  • "Have more fun..." was the answer to a very seemingly complicated question on the table about the stresses, trials and tribulations of adulthood. And while easily considered an over or understatement, depending on the audience, it's one we as nonprofit professionals need more than ever.  
  • Outlined with a little something for everyone: philosophy, science and real-world experiences, Taylor Kreiss at ThriveGlobal breaks it down and then delivers the goods - Have More Fun. Simple enough. 



We all know the classic nonprofit terms and definitions, but what happens when we need new ones? So Team Rhinocorn likes to suggest new thoughtful or playful terms we think need introduced into the new nonprofit lexicon.


Noun | When you get a promotion at your nonprofit and it comes with a new title, but no new pay and a ton of new responsibilities. 

"So, apparently I went from 'coordinator' to 'manager' but it was mostly a fauxmotion because I didn't get any salary increase and now I'm managing two programs and three new people..."


Schedule ten minutes a day to read. The comics, a passage from your favorite novel, a professional blog or just a celebrity news magazine - take at least ten minutes a day by literally scheduling it in your calendar and read, breathe and just enjoy the moment.