The Rundown 1.24.2018

If your goals feel out of reach, its important to understand that they're not impossible. It's more likely that your understanding of the steps necessary to achieve them are, however.

I'll say it again: nonprofits are an industry of sparks that we fan into flames. We don't trip into these organizations. No one wakes up one day and just "has" a nonprofit. We dream, we plan, we strategize, we organize, we write, we toil, we create, we invest, we develop. Until we one day we kinda stop. Because the new goal seems too far away. Or we've convinced ourselves that something isn't possible anymore.

Lies. All lies. We've just lost the ability--overall or in this instance--to see the necessary steps in between. How do we regain that initial spark? By creating new sparks, and remembering that things don't start as full fires. This week in The Rundown? Let's start fanning a few flames from a few blogs that might help us re-evaluate our aim at goal achievement.



On Being an “Idea Person”
4 minute read

  • Are you an "idea person" or a solutions person? There is a massive difference, by the way: one just fills a room with words, and one works to fill a room with actions.
  • A brief, smart blog by Kevin Davis, PhD, this is a topic that's not only near and dear to my own heart, but one I think is worthy of self-examination by all readers for 2018.

Letting Fear Prevent Volunteer Involvement is Too Risky 
5 minute read

  • A tale as old as time: we trust people we pay more than we trust people we don't pay - until we want something for free, and then we trust them entirely. Until we don't again. 
  • Reminding us that paid or unpaid, everyone we trust with our organizations are human, Jayne Cravens from Energ!ze Inc., explores the issue of our issues with trusting volunteers in a fresh way with real answers. 

The 5 Best Ways to Generate Earned Income for Your Nonprofit 
5 minute read

  • I'm a strong believer that nonprofits should fully "own" their mission and model in a way that really helps to lead research, education and advocacy. This means thinking beyond how your model and mission just solves the problems at your fingertips and helps others solve theirs too.
  • With an eye to help build financial support, Alexandra Black-Paulick, at Wild Apricot suggests several ways to become more than just action engine for change.  She also discusses how to potentially inspire other action engines while still financially sustaining your own. The perfect feedback loop.

17 Digital Fundraising KPIs Your Nonprofit Should Be Tracking 
11 minute read - worth every minute

  • If it was possible to have a crush on a blog, it would be this blog, this week.
  • A veritable and welcome laundry list of nonprofit Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Ilma at DonorBox highlights not only why but how your nonprofit can start to build and track against a variety of KPIs to help accelerate and build metric outcomes for your organization. Run, don't walk to this blog.



We all know the classic nonprofit terms and definitions, but what happens when we need new ones? So Team Rhinocorn likes to suggest new thoughtful or playful terms we think need introduced into the new nonprofit lexicon.


noun | An organizational donor who may occasionally volunteer with the same organization.

[Different from a Volanthropist: An organizational volunteer who also donates to the same organization]

"After a deep dive, we saw that over a dozen of some of our most significant major donors also volunteer with us at one or more of our key events - making them really important contributors as Dolunteers and potentially people to consider for future board membership..."



Swing on a swing set. No. Really. Too many adults forget how much fun this is - so go find a local swing set and take 5 minutes to enjoy the fresh air and slight thrill of the wind in your face.