The Rundown 1.17.2018

"You will never influence the world by trying to be like it..."  - Sean McCabe

I read this quote over the weekend and while I feel like I'm sure I've seen it before, it struck me differently this time. For the most part, every nonprofit started as a spark, an idea, an action that knew it could be bigger than itself if it only became organized. And this idea put to action was also probably something that had never been seen before or done before--at least in the confines of the nonprofit's geography, for example. 

These nonprofits are trying to influence or change the world. Our world. And that often means they can no longer look like anything else. They have to be something different, something better. So this week, I was struck by articles that spoke to this idea: of doing something different, doing something better. Being someone or something the world needs, but doesn't always look like something we know.

So enjoy this week's articles and I hope they inspire you to stop looking over your fences and instead, start to stare in the mirror. 



If you want my money, you’ll have to answer to these four questions: Lessons from an angel investor

  • Ok, this article needs a slight tweak in translation and then it'll read perfectly: swap "founder" with nonprofit and swap "business" with mission within the article and you'll extraordinarily appreciate this piece on donors and their interests in investments beyond "feeling good". 
  • Written from the perspective of an Angel Investor focused on start-ups, the parallels and what Jason Calacanis expresses are the 4 most important questions he needs answered before donating, is a powerful list for nonprofits to be able to answer as well.  Trust me. 

6 minute read

Volunteer Satisfaction Survey: Solve Problems by Asking the Right Questions

  • Everyone hates taking, but loves making surveys. When my clients talk to me about surveys, I'm quick to point out that it shouldn't matter why someone wants to implement a survey, it only matters what they plan on doing with the info once they have it from the survey. 
  • Driving this home and helping you to craft a survey that does that and more, the team at VolunteerHub give you the literal building blocks to build one for your volunteers that is smart, warm, and powerfully effective. 

4 minute read

The Facebook News Feed is Changing, and About Time Too

  • Did you know the Facebook Feed model is changing in 2018? Did you know that still over 58% of the entire population of the world is on Facebook? 
  • Giving you reasons why Facebook and the upcoming changes can be a big win for nonprofits and charities, Tom Lillywhite of Wilder Digital walks you thought not only what's coming but how nonprofits can benefit.  

3 minute read

The Nonprofit Stigma: How We Place them Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  • The struggle is real, people. Simply put, professionals in the nonprofit industry do not get paid enough, and even when they do, they're told they're being paid too much - and this is a narrative we all need to address and demystify. 
  • Breaking it down with tact and facts, Drew Hackman of Startup Hacker Consulting explains (as several have done before him) why we need to stop demanding that nonprofit professionals are unworthy or not warranting real pay for real work and problem solving in our communities.  

5 minute read



We all know the classic nonprofit terms and definitions, but what happens when we need new ones? So Team Rhinocorn likes to suggest new thoughtful or playful terms we think need introduced into the new nonprofit lexicon.


noun | An organizational volunteer who also donates to the same organization.

(re: different from a Dolunteer - or an organizational donor who may occasionally volunteer with the same organization

"After a significant audit of our full time volunteers, we realized that over 52% of them are actually volanthropists, also donating 8% of the annual budget over all. It's clear we need to create a stronger strategy to not only engage them more deeply, but recognize them overall more powerfully." 



Exercise a signature strength you're proud of. Think about something you’re really good at, it could be anything-- a skill with crafts, a passion for poetry, singing, dancing, being able to solve complicated puzzles or math skills, anything-- and find an opportunity to engage with that strength today as a reminder that you are a whole human with layers of skills and interests.