The Rundown 9.6.2017

"You often feature other consultants...You often feature people who might actually be your competition... You could be promoting people away from Rhinocorn... You could be losing business..."

Phrases I sometimes hear when people talk to me about The Rundown. Now look, for the most part, people get the idea of this little project. Or they at least appreciate the format and simplicity of sharing great, smart, cool content for nonprofit professionals. But not everyone.

And to those folks? It's going to be ok. I'm going to be ok. In a world where I so deeply and altruistically want people and the industry to get smarter together, I'm doing my part. This is how it gets done. Sharing the bright ideas, smart things of others--and sometimes even my own work--is part of the process. And I'm proud of this little project. And I'm honored to promote smart people. And I'm humbled by my readership. And together we'll do such great things. But that means I cannot--and should not--pretend to do it alone. It happens together or not at all.

#TheMoreYouKnow #TogetherWeGo 


The Last Will and Testament of Nonprofit Executives

  • Founder syndrome is real. So is the idea that nonprofit executives will be with an organization forever. And it often feels that way, because so few do anything to resembles transition or succession until they die. Or retire... 
  • Another gem from Sarai Johnson over at Lean Nonprofit, she's talking the talk and asking others to walk the walk before burnout burns down the whole industry. 

4 Minute Read

Five Limits Your Brain Puts on Generosity

  • Human are actually, naturally generous. This is proven time and time again during times of natural disasters and strife. But there are limits. And we intrinsically know this? But finally someone researched it and the results of what and why are fascinating. 
  • Rundown nicely by Summer Allen at Greater Good Magazine, some of the five reasons will surprise you, some won't.
  • And as nonprofit professionals we should smartly use this data and insight to help us build better bridges on and off the path to donation and volunteerism. 

8 Minute Read

Don’t read this if your organization doesn’t need more donors, volunteers or if you don’t like stress-free fundraising

  • Sometimes you just want someone to look you in the eyes and tell you it's going to be ok, and that you have the power to make great changes. And that's just the kind of experience and advice you'll receive within the five videos called Fundraising on FLEEK Week.
  • Designed and hosted by the amazing Michelle Price-Johnson over at MaxCause, you'll appreciate her time in broadcast media because of the natural, relaxed but engaging atmosphere of her videos and approach.  

Video Series


  • Please stop pretending you have to know how to do everything. And please even moreso, stop pretending you don't have to be any good at something just because you don't. Case in point, writing about the transgender community. 
  • Brilliantly outlined by Alex Kapitan over at The Radical Copyeditor, this is an easy to adapt and edit format that will have you looking like you knew how to write about this population the whole time - and as Alex puts it "with context and care."

6 Minute Read - Reference Guide


"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness." Martin Luther King, Jr.