The Rundown 9.20.2017

Ever find a really gorgeous lamp or piece of art and think "Oh, I'd love to have that, but where would I put it?" And you stand there, wondering if you should buy it anyway and figure it out later or just let it go so you don't fill your house with a bunch of things that don't really have a place or purpose? 

This is me. This is you. This is the nonprofit sector. A place where we often find nuggets of wisdom, bright ideas, new models of ingenuity and the like, and think to ourselves "Is there a place for this at my nonprofit?" or "Do I have the bandwidth or money or space or time to try and adopt this idea into our organization?"

This week? I've got a few more nuggets of wisdom and bright ideas to share. About fundraising, about presenting, board diversity, and volunteer recruitment. What will you do? Will you find any room? I guess time will tell. But even if I'm making you think a little harder about those problems, I still argue they're good problems to have. More options and brighter ideas are always better than none. 

How to Get Donations: 18 Ways the Pros Are Doing It

  • Consultants like me believe everyone could do something better or at least try something different. So having 18 ideas to grow or support your fundraising is a nice place to start. I personally loved #15. 
  • A dynamic list created by Terry Ibele at Wild Apricot, even the most seasoned fundraiser will find at least one idea you've never explored but worth considering. 

5 minute read w/o links

The Great Presentation Skills Hoax

  • Can you have a successful presentation and not be a good presenter? Sure! Just like you can get to the other side of the lake by doggy paddling and not be a good swimmer. But it's not easy. 
  • Kindly addressed by Dave Mac over at the Presentation Blogger, he offers a handful of thoughtful tips to help you grow your skills. 

3 minute read

7 things you can do to improve the sad, pathetic state of board diversity

  • BoardSource recently released its report on board diversity - and boy are we failing as an industry. In fact, over two decades of research proves we're not even trying to improve. 
  • Please. Please. Please read this really passionate and thoughtful overview from Vu Le over at Nonprofit AF.  He breaks it all down and then helps to build it back up with a series of serious investments we all need to achieve for moving forward powerfully. 

6 minute read - and worth every second. 

Remember, Seek Out Volunteers Who Represent Your Audience

  • Fresh off the idea of how diversity plays into your boards, have you considered how it also involves your volunteers? Do you think of your volunteers as a true reflection of your organization?
  • While this article doesn't directly address racial diversity, Kayla Matthews at VolunteerMatch's Engaging Volunteers blog offers insights that help you map your community against your volunteers and now--more than ever--looking at this through the lens of diversity and how to reflect your community more effectively. 

3 minute read

"If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity." John F. Kennedy