The Rundown 9.13.2017

I was telling a good friend the other day that each week while I'm constructing The Rundown, I always think that week's edition is the best edition ever. And frankly, this week's edition is no different. 

Little by little I feel I'm constantly uncovering what The Rundown is and how to make it an exciting and effective source of information for its readership.

Just as Rhinocorn is an Engagement Expertise consultancy, The Rundown is a reflection of that - a collection of blogs and insights about leadership, growth, engagement, education and insights affecting the professions of fundraisers, volunteer managers, communicators, public programmers, educators and leadership. 

If you're a nonprofit professional in another sector, does that mean it's not a good fit for you? I don't know, you'd have to tell me. But if you're an Engagement Professional, I hope you've found The Rundown to be a wellspring of curated insight and information that's speaking to you. 


The More Senior Your Job Title, the More You Need to Keep a Journal

  • Your brain needs a break. It needs time to not just think, but process and dwell and consider. And if you're in a leadership position, more than ever. 
  • Addressing its benefits, Dan Ciampa at the Harvard Business Review talks about the power of "sitting quietly in a room alone with your thoughts" and how journaling creates that much-needed opportunity for leaders. 

4 minute read

Could your volunteers solve most of your fundraising problems?

  • As an Engagement Expert, I know first hand the connection between donors and volunteers (and I'm not just talking about board members). And often we far, far undervalue volunteers universally, but even moreso when we're talking about donor potential. 
  • With a quick list of statistics you'll want to know, Gregory Warner at MarketSmart gives you a few things to think about to consider volunteers more than just "free labor". 

1 minute read

How to Add Urgency to Your Fundraising Appeals Without Being Pushy

  • Your fundraising asks need to be compelling and clear, but they also often need to be direct and timely. Donors need to donate now! Your mission doesn't sleep, donors can't either. But how best to relay that message?
  • Answering the question "Why now?", John Haydon will engage and entertain you with 6 fantastic tips and tricks and a few gifs and solid examples thrown in along the way. 

4 minute read

Mindful News Consumption Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

  • No matter if it's real, fake, pressing, live, or historical, news can become overwhelming when you're trying to stay highly informed, while also trying not to let it consume you these days. 
  • Giving you some amazing and thoughtful tips on being a wise news consumer, If you're not following or reading Beth Kanter, you're not really living your best life as a nonprofit professional. 

3 minute read

Nonprofit Engagement Professionals Run the World

  • Your nonprofit is run and ruled by the successes and efforts of your Engagement Professionals. They take your mission and passion and make them relatable, engaging and investment-worthy. 
  • But do you know who they are? And are you investing in them? Because I have some ideas and solutions to help. A little piece by me

3 minute read



"It takes a little bit of mindfulness and a little bit of attention to others to be a good listener, which helps cultivate emotional nurturing and engagement." 
Deepak Chopra