The Rundown 8.30.2017

So. Much. Content. Good content. Fantastic content. But I've read so much content this week, it was honestly very hard to only pick 5 to share - and keep in mind, I didn't even feature some of my own work this week that was released over in 31st Century Concepts!

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This week I'm covering a wide cross-section of topics from poverty insights to Facebook nonprofit birthday donations, volunteer project approvals to when and why to hire a consultant, and a few phrases anyone who's a boss needs to quit saying immediately. Some really great stuff in here this week with about 15 minutes of content to read overall. Because you deserve only the best. 


Knowing When to Consider Hiring a Nonprofit Consultant

  • Why on earth would you hire someone like me? Something like Rhinocorn? Do you have the "right" needs or could we even be helpful in the first place? Do you even know where you could use support?
  • PSSSSSSSST: This is why I offer a Free 60min Consultation. *cough*
  • Spelled out to perfection by Tracy V. Allen at TVA Consulting, there are a variety of reasons a nonprofit might need a consultant, the the best ways to figure out what your needs are, and who can help you solve them. 


How to deal when staff pushes back on your volunteer project

  • Often internally joked as the "redheaded step-child" of the industry (we can call ourselves that, not you), good Volunteer Managers are like any other good managers: fueled by their profession and often seek out great ideas and solutions to problems identified. 
  • As pointed out so smartly by Elisa Kosarin at Twenty Hats, that doesn't mean they get heard, respected or understood.So she's developed a list of things to both consider and apply to help manage push-back and lack of support. 


Facebook feature now allows friends to give you money on your birthday—but there’s a catch

  • Saying "Happy Birthday" on Facebook just got happier ...for nonprofits. 
  • Announced this month, Facebook will now allow everyone a chance to pick a nonprofit (from a growing 750,000 of them) for family, friends and fans to give them a "birthday gift" that benefits a charity of choice. 
  • Spelled out in all it's glory by Shawn M. Carter over at CNBC Money, this newsworthy information allows you to also consider telling your donors to consider their social media for your fundraising needs matched with their birthday celebrations!


Back to School Reading on Poverty in America

  • Looking to deepen your understanding and education on the issues of poverty facing America? Or trying to help others consider broadening their own insights and mind on a topic that your nonprofit or you personally care deeply about?
  • Curated by Lauren Mack Janus at Thoughtful Philanthropy, she highlights several books of merit on the subject of poverty and its impact in the American landscape that will keep you informed and invested. 


19 Things Great Bosses Refuse to Say (and Terrible Bosses Say All the Time)

  • SPOILER ALERT: Even the good bosses sometimes say some of these phrases, but at least this list does a fantastic job of debunking why in order to give us all wake-up calls about how to stop doing so. 
  • Outlined by Jeff Haden over at Inc. you'll nod your head and cringe along with the rest of us on these phrases for all the right reasons. 




"Don't hire for the sake of hiring. Hire because there is no other way to do what you want to do." Sam Altman