The Rundown 8.23.2017

If you can read this, then congratulations, you were not blinded by the recent eclipse! Good job either ignoring all the hype and/or wearing the appropriate eyewear for the event.

Good thing too, because this week in The Rundown we're eyes-wide-open on a variety of topics from current political issues to the drama of our professions, to making SMARTer moves and the growing world of Rhinocorn and thought leadership. About 15min worth of great reading this week - enjoy!


White supremacy: What’s a CEO to do?

  • What does an article aimed at corporate America have to do with your and your nonprofit? Lots of things, frankly.
  • Not only is some of the same branding and reaction info applicable, it's also good to understand how corporate thought-leaders are being talked to about the same issues we're facing. They are not just "them", these are also our community partners and funders. 
  • Smartly written by the lovely, Bea Boccalandro, this brief piece covers a wealth of info and will help inform you about reactions to the current political climate across the street.
  • 2 MIN READ

Development Officers are SUCH Prima Donnas

  • Fundraising is often like microwave cooking: it looks simple and easy, but the technology and internal mechanisms are hard to see and far from simple. Such is the often the case for Fundraisers and what happens behind the scenes vs. what is often seen by others. 
  • Capturing the voice of an industry, Julie Sootin over at her blog The Revolving Door hits a few nails on the head on this subject and more facing the Engagement Professionalism of development and fundraising.
  • 2 MIN READ

How About a Little More Love for the LoVE Profession?

  • I don't personally know a Volunteer Management professional who doesn't think they and the industry don't get a bum rap. Often the literal life's blood of any organization (sorry fundraisers, you're the bones), Leaders of Volunteer Engagement (LoVE) are rarely given their just due - and that needs to end from the top down. 
  • Don't just take it from me, take it from the acclaimed Barry Altland and his Head, Heart and Hands Engagement Blog Thoughts where he often digs deeply into the topics closest to our heads, hearts and hands - hey, sometimes these things write themselves!
  • 7 MIN READ

5 Ways to Stop Making the Terrible Excuses That Are Holding You Back

  • Pssst. Hey. Psssssssst. Hey. Hey, you feeling SMART? Yeah, you. You feeling SMART? You know, S.M.A.R.T.?
  • Outlined in a smart way (huh? huh?), Lolly Daskal hosted by Inc. helps to bridge the gap between being unprepared and finally ready to take on the world. One SMART goal at a time.  
  • 2 MIN READ

31st Century Concepts

  • Just how committed to engagement and education can one guy be, you ask? Very. Very damn committed. Not only do I have my own consultancy, a private Facebook page called The Nonprofit InfoShare Network, and host this little nugget of weekly wisdom showcasing other people's writings, but I also write often myself. 
  • Determined to keep making the industry collectively smarter, I've recently decided to collaborate full-time with my writing partner and industry leader Kathy Murdoch-Wisniewski and launch 31st Century Concepts as part of the Rhinocorn family - a blog focused on a wealth of progressive nonprofit theories and ideas for every nonprofit.  
  • Check us out! 


"Conflict is drama, and how people deal with conflict shows you the kind of people they are." Stephen Moyer