The Rundown 8.2.2017

"Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated, thus, everyone's task is unique as his specific opportunity to implement it." - Viktor E. Frankl

How much thought do you put into the work that you do? I'm not talking about your intent, I'm talking about your methodologies. Because I think we don't think about that enough. We tell ourselves we follow "best practices" when honestly we're really just using that phrase to express how we like to doing something. Because we always have. Maybe always will. 

So what if we didn't? What if we reached out? What if we at least did a little comparison-shopping with our methodologies? Because there are sometimes better ways. And this week in The Rundown I think I've found a couple of decent contenders that might make you agree....


New Study: Reveals Four Critical Factors for Nonprofits to Succeed in an Ever Expanding and Crowded Market

  • Passion is not the answer to the question "What makes for a successful nonprofit? We know this. It's just that the real answers to that question are often complex and difficult to wield powerfully. That's why when someone does the footwork for us, we need to have a handful of confetti ready to throw into the air to celebrate - even if the answers are hard. 
  • Brian Crimmins over at One Hundred is offering some future-forward insights into the areas of design and engagement that nonprofits need to explore or refine in order to stay ahead of the pack and ahead of the currents. 
  • 3 MIN READ w/o links

Top Challenges with Volunteer Engagement & Retention

  • There is a power in being able to look at an industry peer in the eyes across the table to talk about successes and struggles. They just get it. And why wouldn't they? They're doing the same kind of work you're doing, so it's rewarding when everyone can compare notes or talk shop. 
  • So thank Lori Halley over at the Wild Apricot team for gathering the insights of dozens of Volunteer Management professionals on the topic of volunteer engagement and retention challenges facing the industry and how to address some of them smartly. 
  • 5 MIN READ

How to create a one-page strategy in six simple steps

  • Who doesn't love an easy tool to help you own and define a strategy? Well, maybe people who love to complain? Or people who are happiest when they're unhappy? Thankfully, that's none of us.
  • Bernard Marr over at Bernard Marr & Co. hands us the keys to unlock our best strategy selves with a slick and easy SMART strategy board model that feels like a game-changer worth noting. 
  • 4 MIN READ

The Nonprofit InfoShare Network w/ Rhinocorn

  • Recently I was on another popular nonprofit Facebook group page and when sharing a cool article was told by an Admin that the page doesn't condone "links or other solicitation" content. It was a post about burnout. And I didn't write it. But it was clearly seen as wrong for the page. 
  • But to each their own, I say. So I started The Nonprofit InfoShare Network on Facebook - kinda like an open-share version of The Rundown for me, you and anyone else online to share the best and brightest nonprofit content liberally. Check it out! 

WEBINAR: Nonprofit Partnership Advancement: 5 Steps to Progressive Partnership Success

  • Are you an Engagement Professional? A fundraiser, volunteer manager, program manager, communications professional or executive leader? Then this webinar is for you and the last day to Register!

  • Register to join me tomorrow on August 3rd at 2pm EST to learn how your nonprofit can build the best corporate partnership solicitation model possible that puts your nonprofit in the driver's seat and help to actually advance your organization.



What do you think is the #1 thing often keeping us from achieving our goals?