The Rundown 7.5.2017

Happy Birthday, Rhinocorn Consulting! This week there will be fireworks for the 4th of July--and in my mind-- to celebrate the first full year of my crazy idea put to action. And to help celebrate, you'll notice a few fresh updates to The Rundown as well - make sure you take a look around. 

Hey, did you know that Rhinocorn is a minority-owned business? Yep, while I don't always look it, I'm half Irish (well, that part I do look like) and half Native American. Oh, and gay. But yes, to most people I look just like any other average white dude. And I try to never forget that, because I realize the advantages I've had are different and often better than what other people of color or diversity typically experience. And that haunts me a little, but moreover it helps to keep my eyes wide open and awake.

So with all that in mind week, I was particularly captivated by all things giving us a glimpse into the future. And to me that future is decidedly about data, insight, diversity and empowerment. So please take a moment to peek into that future and take a little journey with me. 


Facts About Charitable Giving for 2017 and Why You Need to Care

  • Data, data and more data, please! I probably say this every 3rd week of The Rundown, but if you're not looking at industry data, you're just running everything off your gut or how "it's always been done". And sure, your gut is totally amazing, and things are "fine" but data is the science of it all and that science is the truth and the past and the future all rolled into one.
  • The folks over at Not Your Father's Charity have provided some synthesized thoughts by the Chronicle of Philanthropy and links to the Giving USA 2017 Report that are fascinating for our work. 
  • While the whole report costs lots of $$, you can download parts or highlights for far cheaper or even free depending on your interests.

3 CSR Hacks to Drive Greater Changes Internally and Externally

  • This article wasn't written for you, my fellow Nonprofit Professional. But... (is anyone looking?) ...that's what makes it so interesting and worth reading as a potential glimpse into the future of your nonprofit/corporate relationships. Sneaky, I know. 
  • A quick blog by Daniel Horgan, here he's talking about a few smart "hacks" to help corporations improve their CSR tactics, most of them involving nonprofit tools and vehicles - which is what makes it such a good read as a nonprofit leader.  
  • Suggestions such as "put volunteer impact stats on the volunteer t-shirts" and "have seasoned nonprofit board members mentor younger ones" give you a glimpse of what you could be doing differently or might expect from a corporate partner in the future.  
  • 2 MIN READ

Young, Black, and LinkedIn

  • I often feel skeptical about connecting with people on Linkedin who don't have profile photos. But what if the real skepticism lived with the individual choosing to not show their photo in the first place?
  • A thoughtful micro-expose into the issues of diversity facing not just the world of LinkedIn, but the individuals who are representing diversity, Jennifer Teitle smartly puts all the cards on the table and still finds space for a little hope and invitation. 
  • 3 MIN READ

Winter is Here, and We Must Build the Power of Organizations and Communities of Color

  • If you think the world is unrelenting and unrealistic about the capacity and opportunities for nonprofits to flourish while underfunded is bad broadly, imagine how that dynamic plays out with underserved organizations of color and diversity nationwide.
  • Armed again with this patented razor-edged wit-meets-humor-meets-depth, Vu Le from Nonprofit AF dives deep around the topic of nonprofit and community diversity disparity and what needs to change to build up community power through our most diverse and dynamic nonprofits. 
  • Yes, this is a long blog, but brew a new pot of coffee and find a nice quiet place to read his work. Vu Le is a gift. A gift I'm not even sure we're all ready to fully accept? But a glorious gift we do deserve from the future sent to help us before we all destroy ourselves. 
  • 8 MIN READ



What one element of the nonprofit industry or landscape do you think needs to quickly change in the future and why? 

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