The Rundown 6.28.2017

Sometimes it's hard to be your true self. But everyone says its the best you to be. Me? My true self? I'm smart and compassionate and hard working and dedicated, but I'm also an extremely fast talker, and sarcastic and anxious and can quickly become over-investing in little things. 

And this mixture of things have never been more chaotic than in starting my own consultancy. Some things that make me great, also make me tiring. And some things that make me look crazy, are often parts of my brilliance. Or so I'm told. But I think the trick is to keep looking at everything as puzzle pieces with rough edges. Sometimes you have to work the pieces together a little or try them in other spots. They're all part of the same puzzle? But they don't always go together in the places you assume. 

This week in The Rundown? Some opportunities for your own self-reflection, a chance to compare your website against the best, some e-time savers, and my post-Points of Light Conference blog fresh from Seattle. As I reflect on my own true self, I hope some of these articles and every issue of The Rundown helps you with yours and your nonprofit's. Enjoy! 


How Did I Not See This Coming? A Manager's Guide to Avoiding Total Disaster

  • Management is not a role, it's a journey. And within that journey, you have to start somewhere and often it's at the very beginning. Or the middle. Or toward the end? Hey, I'm not on this journey with you, mind you. But along the way, it's always good to pick up some tips and tricks. 
  • Hosted by ATD and presented by Katy Tynan, this webinar (already past, but you can register to view the taping) is a fresh take on manager stresses and struggles in the everyday world. 

The 20 Best Nonprofit Websites List

  • So what makes a "best" nonprofit website? Well, if you ask TopNonprofits, it's a number of disclosed items including responsiveness, clear navigation elements, solid graphics and stellar donation pages. 
  • You're sure to see some familiar faces (Charity Water, Gates Foundation) but you'll also be potentially introduced to some newer names with fantastic missions and websites (Room to Read, Save the Storks) that might serve to inspire your own websites and global display. 
  • 10 MIN READ w/o careful review of each site

5 Canned Email Response Templates That'll Save You All The Time

  • It happens to all of us: a email comes in our inbox and it sits there because we can't figure out a simple way to reply and keep going with our day. 
  • Enter Kayla Matthews, hosted by Forbes, who keeps it simple and stoic, allowing you to cut&paste her words straight off the page or use them as a base to add your own tweaks and personal flair like swear words or emojis. 
  • 3 MIN READ

Nonprofit Partnership Advancement: The Nonprofit's Response to CSR

  • I've been asked a few times, "So what exactly did you talk about during your Points of Light workshop?" and my response is always, "Oh, do you have 90 free minutes?" haha. I kid. Mostly.
  • Hot off the heels of my (soon to be award winning) workshop, I've written a blog focused on the finer points of Nonprofit Partnership Advancement, a concept I'm billing as the nonprofit's strategic response to CSR and corporate interests. 
  • I hope you enjoy this blog, read it, share it, like it, debate it. Anything that strikes a conversation... or contract? Eh, I'm getting ahead of myself. 
  • 7 MIN READ



Did you speak or present at this year's Point of Light Conference on Volunteering & Service? I'm hoping to produce a "Special Edition" of The Rundown early next week focused on any content from this year's speakers and the content they delivered. If you personally produced any content and/or run across any content, please send it my way to be considered for the Special Edition. Thanks!


"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
Ralph Waldo Emerson - American essayist, lecturer, and poet.