The Rundown 5.31.2017

Can you feel it? It's almost summer. And with the change in the season, it gets a guy to thinking. No, not how to make this the "best summer ever!" like every magazine cover is over-promising you, but moreover how to keep pushing ahead smarter and more informed than you were yesterday.

Looking back at the past few days, it didn't feel like I was having an existential experience, but I feel like several of the reads and something I wrote will oddly reflect otherwise. Who knows, you tell me. 

All the same, it's like everything I share and hope you'll read and enjoy too: nuggets of wisdom and support that aims to make you smarter, faster, wiser, stronger. No really. It's what I consider to be part of my charms. I'm sure you do too. And if not? The critique only serves to make me stronger. Sadder, sure. But stronger nonetheless. 


Why Most People Will Never Be Successful

  • Go grab some coffee or tea, find a comfortable place to sit, and center yourself for a very thoughtful piece on the meaning and existence of success in your life
  • Benjamin Hardy over at Thrive Global is wisely pushing people to take higher quality choices in their goals and their daily lives.
  • This stuff matters. Deeply. Most of us in the nonprofit sector are trying very hard to change our little slice of the world and that doesn't come easy or by choosing poorly - or by not realizing we might be choosing poorly.
  • 3 MIN READ

The 6 Most Read Parts of any Major Gift Solicitation Letter

  • Assuming you have a sip or two of your coffee or tea left, you have just enough time to read this crazy quick piece on the parts of solicitation letters that matter most to donors. 
  • Greg Warner over at MarketSmart is a wise guy who understands brevity and communicating openly. I mention this because sometimes in his articles the really good stuff is in the comment section. You'll see
  • 1 MIN READ w/o reading the comments

7 Brain Hacks That Will Dramatically Improve Your Intelligence and Success

  • I really do believe that to be a good teacher, coach, or consultant you have to be a good student too. 
  • This article by Elle Kaplan also over at Thrive Global (you should really check them out beyond what I'm sharing) is showcasing some slick and savvy tools and processes to help you keep getting smarter and growing your mental wealth. 
  • Some of the advice she gives is honestly just a solid reminder that we're often trying to cram too much into too little time/space/effort. And that reminder alone is worth it's weight in gray matter. 
  • 4 MIN READ

Don't be a Sheep Spreading Wolf Pack Leadership Lies

  • I'm not a skeptic by nature--no pun intended--but when I saw that photo of the walking wolf pack flying around online with it's description of how it's an analogy for leadership... it had me suspicious
  • I'm pretty well known for speaking my mind and having any number of heated opinions about a variety of issues. I know, shocking! But they're my words. My opinions. So when things are heavily shared online that are not the owner's and they don't come notarized? My spider-sense tingles. 
  • This is my response. And maybe I spend too much time on Thrive Global this week? But it got me thinking about personal integrity. Yours and mine. 
  • 4 MIN READ


"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
Martin Luther King, Jr. - American Baptist minister, activist, and leader in the Civil Rights Movement.