The Rundown 5.3.2017

As the great pop philosopher Justin Timberlake once sang, "Its gonna be May..." and so declared, then it actually was. And now it actually is. Ah May, when Spring is in full effect and flowers, trees and allergies are blooming. 

May is also one of those months where folks really seem to re-focus on fundraising. Don't know why. Maybe because we're well past holiday and start-of-year campaigns. Maybe because it's pre-summer, a time when historically numbers often dip for most nonprofits. Or maybe it's just because May ushers in a sense of growth and greenery that makes money-driven and money-seeking folks think about all things green. 

Who knows. Or cares. But this week we found several "make more money now" articles with some stellar and modern suggestions you should pour over to put your organization in a better fundraising headspace. We're also starting with a revelation Ben had about nonprofit and corporate partnerships everyone needs to read. Maybe share? Certainly like. But no, no. Do what feels right for you. 


Psssst. The REAL Truth about Nonprofit and Corporate Partnerships

  • Ben was tired of industry leaders writing the same fictionalized stories about nonprofit and corporate relationships over and over.
  • So he took to LinkedIn to talk about the real truth behind the struggles and frustrations both sides of the industry faces to finally clear the air. 
  • 3 MIN READ

Fundraising Events: 5 Forward-Thinking Ideas

  • The era of event-heavy fundraising is changing. And while many nonprofits still heavily invest in events for fundraising, just as many more are moving away from this model for a variety of reasons or becoming more critical about the make and model of these events.
  • With that in mind, Amy DeVita with TopNonprofits has put together a nice, modern look at what can make your events a little smarter and savvier. 
  • We loved all the tips but #4 - which felt a little unnecessary and expensive, but to each their own, of course.
  • 4 MIN READ

Three Tips for Common Sense Fundraising

  • Common sense? Who has time for that? But don't let us stop you from considering 3 really solid tips about that notion for your fundraising efforts. Or continue going wild and crazy, who are we to judge.
  • The NPengage team is always filled with some solid tips and tricks and this time coming from Pamela Barden, where she blends a little recent news with a little classic college graduation'esque "Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines common sense as..." into a quick and witty article about common sense fundraising. 
  • 2 MIN READ

5 Trends for Raising Money Right Now

  • You wanna raise money RIGHT NOW?! Well then, why are reading The Rundown? You should be out there with a can and a plan. 
  • But if you want to prepare yourself a little with some great insights, tips and trends to help you fundraiser very soon, you've come to the right place. 
  • Marcy Heim brings a wealth of experience and her knowledge of some of the best of the best industry leaders to devise a Top 5 List of trends to help raise more money. Now. Or later. Your choice.
  • 4 MIN READ

Join Team Rhinocorn at ServiceUnites: Conference on Volunteering and Service

If you or anyone from your organization is heading this June 19th-21st to Seattle for the Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service let us know!

Ben is presenting a workshop on the Rhinocorn Consulting philosophy of Corporate Relationship Advancement - for nonprofits to reclaim their end of the relatinship with corporate partners on Tuesday June 20th, from 4:00 - 5:30pm

And if you're into drinks and snacks, Ben will also be co-hosting a Happy Hour event Tuesday evening for current and former clients, friends and industry nerds - details coming soon in a separate update in a few weeks. 


"Martin Luther King didn’t get up 50 years ago and say: I have a budget and a plan!"
Alan Clayton - Chairman of Alan Clayton Associates, focused on creative business for charities, non-profits and NGOs globally