The Rundown 4.26.2017

Happy National Volunteer Week! So is this week about appreciation or acknowledgement or education or pride? Yes. All of that. And more, frankly.

This week on The Rundown, we're not covering a ton on the subject of volunteers, but we are over on The Rundown REMIX: a new Facebook page that allows you to share your favorite articles with folks too - just like we do each and every week. It's sort of the volunteer version of the The Rundown, but don't worry the email subscription isn't going anywhere. We love your inbox too much. 

Aside from that fun new space for all of you to explore and contribute on, this week we're covering some topics around nonprofit salaries, apologizing for emails, corporate partnerships and leaving volunteer management for executive leadership roles. Enjoy! 


Why Leaving Volunteer Management May be the Best Thing for the Profession

  • More Than A Job - Why aren't more professionals in the volunteer administration space seeking growth in executive roles? This is the question and thoughtful exploration by Elisa Kosarin from Twenty Hats Consulting.
  • Like Team Rhinocorn, Elisa is passionate about the power those with volunteer leadership experience can offer to the nonprofit executive sector.
  • 4 MIN READ

Alright, We Need to Talk About Nonprofit Salaries

  • Avert Your Eyes, Taboo Subject Ahead - no really, why aren't we talking more openly about nonprofit salaries? 
  • As described by the whip-smart Vu Lee from Nonprofit with Balls, because we're not talking about nonprofit salaries, the side-effects are extremely jarring: gap issues, wage issues, crappy analystics driving our decisions, and more. 
  • Which got us thinking.... Do you have comfortability issues with talking openly about nonprofit wages? And if no, why? And what needs to change to help make you more comfortable? We wanna know. 
  • 3 MIN READ

5 Questions to Improve Your Corporate Partnerships Today!

  • Are you attending the National Conference on Volunteerism & Service? If so, Team Rhinocorn will be there too and Ben is even presenting one of the days - and hosting a breakfast for friends & clients! 
  • What is Ben Presenting On? This very article, actually. He has a proven formula to help grow corporate partnerships that work for nonprofits first. 
  • 5 MIN READ

Let’s All Stop Apologizing for the Delayed Response in Our Emails

  • Is Your Email Killing You Softly? Or maybe even harshly. Or maybe you're dying and you don't even realize it like because it's like the Matrix and you're stuck inside the machine but your real self at your desk is dying in real life? You get the idea. 
  • Release The Pressure - Melissa Dahl at the Science Of Us, breaks this topic down and moreover gives us the power and assurance to stop feeling like we have to rely immediatly and/or apologize when we don't. 
  • Brillant read. Pop a red pill and read it twice. Or was it a blue pill? Hm. Maybe don't pop any pills. Just read this. 
  • 4 MIN READ


"Research has shown that people who volunteer often live longer."
Allen Klein - American businessman, publisher, writers' representative, filmmaker and record label executive