The Rundown 3.15.2017

Did you know 82% of 75 of the most relevant people in the world use Top 10 lists to tell you at least 7 things in approximately 2 of their 8 blogs in 1 year?

No?! That’s ok, because it’s a lie. Mostly. However, this week we did notice a trend in "Top X" lists and several fantastic ones worth sharing. Plus, you know how everyone loves a list. I have at least 6 reasons why if you were interested...

Digressing, we also read a few articles that didn't have a number in the title that were worth sharing on making mistakes and why corporations need to think about mission over moments when it comes to volunteerism. I could give you 11 reasons for proving this point, but that felt like overkill. 


You’ve Made A Mistake. Now What?

  • The Harvard Business Review smartly keeps recycling Amy Gallo's thoughtful do's and don'ts of how to respond to making mistakes from 2010 that I think are nicely outlined for anyone, anywhere dealing with the results of making a mistake.
  • Not that you've ever made a mistake! It was my mistake to even suggest you might ever do such a thing. Worth reading anyway. 
  • 3 MIN READ

Opinion: Why Companies Should Skip Annual Volunteer Projects

  • We love articles that just boldly puts it out there and this article from Dr. Toni Irving hosted by Triple Pundit does just that on the topic of large-scale volunteerism and corporate interests. 
  • Team Rhinocorn wishes more corporations would see the most powerful volunteer "events" are when individuals are engaged in key volunteer roles, not just 2-hour, t-shirt driven, mass-volunteer events involving lots of co-branding and high-fives but not a lot of mission-driven experience or outcomes. 
  • 2 MIN READ

Spring Training: Revitalize Your Mission With These 8 Free Webinars

  • What's not to love about the VolunteerMatch team? They're smart, passionate, driven and an endless resource for the modern Volunteer Program Manager. 
  • Knowledge is Power... showcasing some of their best upcoming webinars between now and April, every single one of these sounds like a winner. 
  • The one Team Rhinocorn is most looking forward to is called: Re-Energize your Volunteer Program by Designing Mission-Driven Opportunities offered on April 25th. 
  • 4 MIN READ w/o links

8 Strategy Basics for Nonprofit Organizations

  • You can't walk into a nonprofit meeting these days without someone asking about "strategy" and how to track, support and achieve whatever strategy is on the table.
  • Strategies are not goals, these are not interchangeable terms - so thank god this article from npENGAGE helps to make that clear.
  • This article by Rose Gear will enlighten and empower you to understand what it really means to develop, have and utilize a strategy. 
  • 2 MIN READ

25 Amazing Tools to Automate Your Small Business

  • Our own Ben... was featured in the Invoiceberry Blog last week on what Team Rhinocorn uses via tech to make their lives easier - part of a large 25 person expert panel, he's #19 featured. 
  • Take a look at some of the tools - nonprofits of any shape or size and/or individuals trying to make the magic happen could benefit from a variety of the tools highlighted by the experts.
  • 4 SEC READ for Ben's part | 4-5 MIN READ w/o links



"We like lists because we don't want to die." 
Umberto Eco, Italian novelist, literary critic, and philosopher