The Rundown 4.5.2017

You're doing it wrong! You're doing it all wrong! Why can't you see that?! Oh my god!! Get it together!! You Fool! You're all fools!!

*Clears throat* Sorry. So sorry, that wasn't about you. No, not all all. That was about everyone else. You're perfect, as always. But the rest of them? Ugh. Don't get us started. Fools, all of them. 

This week on The Rundown we were attacked at every angle about what people are getting or doing or thinking wrong and why--and some of the articles were worth sharing. Others? Well, the tears will pass. Also some tips on webinars and Part Two of Ben's co-written Volunteer Opus with VolunteerMatch.


The Metrics Myth

  • Have you ever watched a movie you fell in love with - maybe in black and white or with subtitles - that you're not sure if everyone would watch but everyone should watch it? This is that blog. 
  • Jed Emerson from his site Blended Value knocked this one out of the park on the topic of why metrics matter and why they don't and why we can't seem to stop talking and lying and fretting and yelling about them. 
  • 10 MIN READ w/o links

Why Not to Start a Nonprofit

  • A conversation Team Rhinocorn faces fairly frequently, Sarai Johnson, put it all out on the table: So, maybe you shouldn't start that nonprofit? 
  • Everyone wants to start a nonprofit because they have a magical solution to a problem or an aching passion they can't seem to quell - but often no business sense or an understanding of the sector. 
  • We like the Lean Nonprofit team - even if their team titles make us cringe a little - they take a wise and witty approach to their educational platforms.
  • 4 MIN READ

17 Tips For An Engaging Webinar

  • The dreaded webinar! We love them, we hate them, we try hard to pay attention to them while also sending off emails, updating our calendar and texting a friend. What? Who? No. Not you. That other guy. 
  • The thoughtful and riot-zen Katie Jarvis from team Realized Worth knows all about the world of webinars and created a structure and style focused opus to give you some fantastic tips to deliver an amazing experience. 
  • 3 MIN READ

Volunteer Talent + Time Tracking: Skill-Based Volunteerism Made Smarter

  • As promised, part two of Ben and his amazing writing partner, Kathy Wisniewski's 3-part blog series with VolunteerMatch on their philosophy of progressive new ways to design and direct your volunteer program.
  • In part two they're helping nonprofits think differently about how to plan for and build the dreaded skill-based and probono positions, like champs.
  • We feel bad for even asking? But Ben asked us to tell you that if you liked this or part one to please share it with your networks. Sorry. He's our boss. 
  • 5 MIN READ


"Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer to what comes next." 
Denis Waitley, American motivational speaker, writer and consultant.