The Rundown 3.2.2017

Who wants to talk about desperation and failure? Woah woah, don't all scream "yes" at once!

Well, yes, in addition to more resources for securing amazing engagement data and how to break into Social Impact professionally, we were educated and enlightened this week with some heavy self-loathing topics. But fear not, we wouldn't share an article that didn't have some sort of silver-lining!

I mean, we would. But only for people we don't like. And anyway, they get a different e-newsletter called The Teardown - a weekly digest of articles and links intended to hurt their feelings. But don't worry. We wouldn't let you subscribe. We rather like you. 


"And The Winner is Not La La Land": What We Can All Learn From Last Night at the Oscars

  • A thoughtful article from Adam Leigh about the power of unintended failure and making mistakes.
  • Agree to disagree... While he suggests (and we disgree) we live in "unforgiving times", he does address the power of "failing fast" in organizational development that's worth googling on your own if you've never heard of it. 
  • 2.5 MIN READ

2016 Charitable Giving Report

  • Data, Data, and more Data... In it's 5th year, the Blackbaud Institute has issued their annual Charitable Giving Report.
  • Can you choke on data? Who cares, you should always be trying! 
  • Our love should be your love... with coverage on topics such as Overall, Online and Monthly Giving Trends by sector with over 6000 contributors, you need to pour over this 17 page report like it's a sexy romance novel.
  • 10 MIN READ w/o study

Won't It Make Me Look Desperate? 

  • Quick Question... do you ever feel like you're asking for too much? Of a employee, a client, a vendor, a donor? Sure, we all do from time to time.
  • My buddy and confidence coach to the consulting & business world, Leah Neaderthal writes about how to look past your "Middle School Self" and hit that Rational Reset button.
  • Like everything Leah does, she inspires transparency, confidence and control in ways that translate well beyond the traditional consultant or sales person that makes up most of her intended audience. 
  • 2 MIN READ

11 Tips for a Career in Social Impact

  • Our friends over at BMeaningful point out some fantastic tips for people looking to build a career in Social impact - the intersection of nonprofit, business and government roles. 
  • Our Kinda Folks... They cover everything from knowing yourself to being a Maker not a Taker, making sure your coffee/tea intake is solid and a wealth of ways to stay in the Social Impact-know. 
  • 3 MIN READ w/o links

5 Questions to Improve Your Corporate Partnerships

  • Our Own Ben... rewrote his popular 5 quick questions to help a nonprofit of any size plan for a better corporate partnership experience - t his time with a few clear examples to share.
  • Enjoy this blog? It's the very subject Ben will be presenting on this year at the National Volunteerism & Service Conference by Points of Light in Seattle this June! 
  • 3 MIN READ



"It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things." 
Henry David Thoreau, poet, philosopher, development critic