The Rundown 2.16.2017

Prayers and Reports and Data, Oh My! This week we're giving you a few laughs, a few reports, reflections, and some subscription suggestions that caught our attention. 

We were asked this week "How do you find so many great articles?" Well, as you can see we subscribe to a wealth of sources, but we also squirrel away 3-4 hours a week just to read, listen and witness industry materials. No, really. We call it "informational networking". 

Not every article or webinar is a winner. Some are actually terrible. But the ones that are exceptional make it to The Rundown. Because the real gift is giving. Or some adorable nonsense like that. 


The Nonprofit Serenity Prayer

  • If the nonprofit sector had a God, it would either be laughing or crying all the time. Assuming you agree, go grab some coffee and say the Nonprofit Serenity Prayer - "May it be a beacon to you in the bleakest of times."
  • Our love should be your love... Are you following the Nonprofit With Balls blog by Vu Le? No?! You need to change that today - filled with a wealth of whip-smart, nerdy, funny, insightful nonprofit information - like The Rundown, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. 

2016 Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study

  • Put on your radar... anything from Cone Communications - a virtual Wonka Chocolate Factory of CSR stats and insights to stay and sound informed.
  • For instance... 88% of corporate employees feel their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact on social or environmental issues? So? This data is helpful to the private sector but undeniable to a nonprofit trying to rationalize better engagements, volunteer programs and corporate relationship development. 

Three Ways to Step Up Your Data Game

  • Quick Question... are you struggling to deal with data tracking and data requests at your organization? Sure you are. We all are. 
  • Team Rhinocorn talks about data with our clients All. The. Time. This article from The Guidestar Blog is a nice introduction to how to wrestle with data in practical ways that actually make a difference.
  • Our love should be your love... stop. You need to subscribe to The Guidestar Blog - it's an industry guidepost for trying to learn more and stay connected within the industry. Ok, you can go again. 

Reflections from the World Economic Forum: Four Big Trends for Social Good Organizations to Watch

  • This is part 2 in a 2-part Davos Report for the Social Good Community report presented by npENGAGE that's a really progressive read - talking about trends for the future you should consider. 
  • FYI... part 1 is worth reading, but not essential.
  • A slightly heady, buzz-term'ish article, but don't let that fool your eye - it's a wealth of social good insights worth exploring at your own organization.

If You Set Your Charity On Fire the Donors Will Come

  • Our Own Ben... has a unique suggestion to figure out what your donors really care about.
  • WARNING... do not burn your organization down. We will deny we ever mentioned it. We will say we don't even know you. Don't test us.



"Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all."
Charles Babbage, 18th Century mathematician, philosopher and inventor