The Rundown 12.6.2017

How is it December already?! Where did 2017 go? And while I bet you thought this would be another "Special Edition" issue, surprise surprise it's not.  Because incase you haven't noticed, they're all special editions if you love them enough. *cough*

Speaking of which, it's worth mentioning that there are only two issues of The Rundown left this year, this week's edition and next week's edition. Both standard issues and then a two week break - Hey, I'm only human! 

Then we'll be back the first week of January with a Best Of 2017 Special Edition before kicking off the 2nd full year of The Rundown on January 10th.  But until then, please enjoy the best of the best stuff I've read this week I think you'll love too. 


Communications as the New Nonprofit Core Competency

  • I talk to my clients a lot about how true engagement is far, far more than just communications, and that communications should also be more than just telling and showing. And this article asks some really important questions about how we often communicate ineffectively and how to change that.
  • Presenting some solid questions, but also containing a bit of a pitch for some future blogging and workshops, Ruth McCambridge and Susan Nall Bales  at Nonprofit Quarterly are asking for your communications struggles to help them help you. 

3 minute read

Geeking Out on Volunteer Interview Questions

  • Sometimes it's not just what you ask, but also how. This is never more true when we're interviewing someone while attempting to judge if they're more than just a "good fit" but that they also understand our organizational needs too. Because the interview process really should be a two-laned highway.
  • Always with a finger on the pulse of the Volunteer Professional and their needs, Elisa Kosarin at Twenty Hats is once again--and may she never stop--pushing us to be our best and to smartly design for success. 

3 minute read

"Time is Money" Was Never More True than in Fundraising

  • I do not care how talented you are as a fundraiser, if you do not have a true, written, strategic fundraising plan you are only succeeding--if you're succeeding at all--because you're putting out so much energy and some of that has to stick. So maybe you're working hard, but you're not working smart. 
  • With tips to implement a true plan, Julie Sootin breaks down the need for strategic planning-based fundraising in her classic no nonsense, data-driven perspective that always makes her one of my favorite thought-leaders to follow and share.

3 minute read

How to Ask Your Boss for Time to Learn New Things

  • Never stop learning. And please, never stop putting yourself in a position to keep learning. As I'm sure you realize, I always hope The Rundown is a catalyst, not an means to an end, when it comes to nonprofit professionals seeking to get smarter, quicker.  
  • Can you hear me clapping in the background? That's how excited this article by Rachael O’Meara at the Harvard Business Review made me, with her thoughtful simplicity and tact allowing anyone to benefit from when approaching their boss for support in their continued educational growth.

4 minute read


We all know the classic nonprofit terms and definitions governing the sector, but what happens when we need new ones? So Team Rhinocorn decided to suggest new thoughtful or playful terms we think need introduced into the nonprofit lexicon.

Lowercase Campaign

noun | An organized drive or crusade to collect and accumulate specific, but non-substantial funds to finance minor identified needs of an organization such as a new furniture, technology, or special project support.

"We're launching our annual lowercase campaign to help support the training and licensing needs we have with our donated version of Salesforce. We only need about 7k to make all the magic happen." 



"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another."

Charles Dickens