The Rundown 11.29.2017

Special Self-Care Edition

Wait. Another Special Edition after last week's Special Edition? Who's in charge here? Just how special does it have to get around here? ...I vote very.

Since we were just ahead of Thanksgiving last week, it felt right to create an issue focused on the idea of gratitude and creating thanks at your nonprofit. But then this week, since it's on the heels of having wrapped #GivingTuesday, it felt right to devote this week's entire issue to the important practice of self-care.

Why self-care? I'm glad you asked. Because simply put: nonprofit engagement professionals (fundraisers, volunteer managers, executive leaders, etc.) don't invest enough time investing in self-care. Burnout is real, folks. And among other things Team Rhinocorn is passionate about changing that dynamic and making it a part of our conversations.

So grab some coffee, put on some soft music, kick your feet back, and enjoy this Special Edition focused on you and how to better take care of yourself.



4 Signs You Are A Burned Out Nonprofit Fundraiser

  • We have all been here. I'm living #4 in real time, honestly. But this is a simple and straightforward list of things that if you're nodding your head to right now? It's not "normal" -  it's burnout territory. 
  • Take it from nonprofit guru Beth Kanter, someone who's been wisely focused on the topic of self-care and nonprofit burnout for many years - she points out the problems and thankfully offers a few solid solutions. 

5 minute read

Burned Out? Strategies for Changing Your Experience

  • Ok, so maybe you know you're kinda burned out. So now what? 
  • Formally geared toward a corporate audience, Dr. Kate Price at Thrive Global's list is so good it should be on anyone's list who's careening toward burnout and despair and how to start addressing a repair.

3 minute read

8 Self-Care Tips to Prevent & Alleviate Holiday Stress

  • Oh, sorry, you thought it was just your job that's stressing you out? No no, my friends, the holidays often play a painful part too. 
  • If Christmas music is making your right eye twitch (now, not 4 weeks ago when it was for everyone) then you'll appreciate this smart list of must-do's to help prevent and cure holiday stress from Kate Hannon at Skyterra. 

4 minute read w/o videos

Personal Development: 4 Steps to Thrive, Not Just Survive

  • We pat ourselves on the back far too frequently for surviving. And it's not that we shouldn't celebrate survival, but we have to stop pretending it's the real goal. Because the real goal should be thriving.
  • I want to take this article by Jonathan Moody at A.C. Fitzgerald & Associates and juice it so I can drink it daily as an affirmation of a thriving lifestyle. No. Really. Pulp and all.

3 minute read

Mindful Leadership—The Key to Creating Successful Organizations for which We All Want to Work

  • I believe that true leadership is always about being a bit lost. This doesn't mean you don't know where you're going; but for me, a true leader is always searching, always learning, always growing. And as such, always being mindful. 
  • Spelled out in a really compelling way, Jeffrey Walker outlines the idea and pathways to Mindful Leadership. This made the Special Edition, because I believe self-care also involves growth and education in our leadership skills, not just exercising them. 

7 minute read



We all know the classic nonprofit terms and definitions governing the sector, but what happens when we need new ones? So Team Rhinocorn likes to suggest new thoughtful or playful terms we think need introduced into the new nonprofit lexicon.

Mental Growth Day

noun | A day off from work during which one engages in an an educational or philosophical activity that helps fuel their personal or professional mental growth and education. 

"I'd been talking to and soliciting donors for 8 weeks straight during the holidays, so I decided to take a few mental growth days at a national nonprofit conference to unwind, network, and learn some new ways to sharpen my skills."



"Self-care is the number one solution to helping somebody else. If you are being good to yourself and your body and your psyche, that that serves other people better because you will grow strong enough to life someone else up."

Mary Lambert