The Rundown 10.18.2017

I think we are comfortable pushing hard for our missions, but not always comfortable pushing as hard for our visions. We're passionate about the problems we're trying to solve, but we often struggle to master and address the larger systems of failure or struggle.

And no, I understand that some of our nonprofits are not actually focused on those kinds of issues, that we really exist only to solve the systemic by-products of key issues. But I'd like to think we could do so much more for the world if we spent just a little more time on the madness and not just the methods to address the madness.

So this week? A few ways to think differently about where we are and where we could go regarding our stories, our engagement relationships and our financial needs. Enjoy and let your thoughtful brain wander just a little. 



10 Free Ways to Re-Purpose Your Nonprofit’s Stories

  • You have these amazing stories you've been telling for years... but why are you kinda tired of telling them? Because, frankly, you're not diversifying your methods or delivery channels.
  • Thank Julia Claire Campbell for coming to the rescue with 10 amazing ideas, places and platforms to reinvigorate and reinspire your storytelling platform in ways even your longest running donor or volunteer will appreciate with new eyes or ears. 

6 minute read w/o links and video examples

4 Things Successful People Do to Have Great Relationships!

  • I love articles that have impact on several levels. Like when you read an inspired story about someone's travel and and it makes you simultaneously appreciate your own town, or when you read an article about a new recipe and it make you appreciate the value of shopping for specialaity foods or unique produce. 
  • And then there is this gem from Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, where in a simple article about having successful interpersonal relationships, you can't help but see how these 4 tips relate to relationships with your volunteers, staff, board members and donors. A two-for-one-article, and both are free! 

3 minute read w/o video

The Greatest Ongoing Nonprofit and Donor Debate

  • We've all been there: donors wanting to know how much of their $1 is going directly to mission and not all that "other stuff". And how do we respond? Usually not well or... honestly.  
  • Thank goodness for people like Wayne Elsey who help us with those difficult conversations about overhead myths and how to better make sure we're talking honestly and educationally with donors about not just the value of their dollar for mission, but their support of the structures that are necessary to perform the mission. 

4 minute read

Have You Checked Out Rhinocorn's Conference Created Exclusively for Engagement Professionals?

  • If you're a fundraiser, volunteer manager or executive leader wishing you could attend a conference that handed over amazing educational tools but also really understood your pressures and the issues pushing you to burnout, you're in luck. 
  • ER2: An Engagement Refinery & Retreat for Nonprofit Engagement Professionals is the conference for you! A unique one-day conference in NE Ohio, January 2018 - focused on nonprofit Engagement Professionals and their unique and often unmet educational and self-care needs. 

Click the link for details and to get the Early Bird rate!

new nonprofit LEXICON 

We all know the classic nonprofit terms and definitions governing the sector, but what happens when we need new ones? So Team Rhinocorn decided to suggest new thoughtful or playful terms we think need introduced to the nonprofit lexicon. 


noun a large formal meeting or multi-day professional event for networking or learning with peers, industry leaders and subject matters experts where the schedule looked and sounded exciting, but it was just another generic, thread-bare and best-practices-on-repeat event that made you wish you'd stayed at home.  

"I worked so hard to get my nonprofit to give me the budget for this event, but it was such a yawnference that it almost doesn't feel worth it to ask to attend again next year." 


"I think it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you're constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better. I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself." | Elon Musk