What is Nonprofit Partnership Advancement?

For too long, CSR has been seen as a two-way road: a concept that both corporations and nonprofits alike engage within and benefit from.

But it’s not.

CSR is a concept that is owned and executed by the private sector and contains a wealth of concepts, laws, history and expectations beholden to the private sector. And while CSR often drives the private sector to partner with and engage with nonprofits, one of the largest difficulties for nonprofits is that they themselves don’t have a fully designed complementary “intake” or response model to reply powerfully in return.  

Until now.

Focused on the dynamic design of nonprofits advancing their missions and efforts with the direct support of philanthropic and engagement partnerships, Nonprofit Partnership Advancement (NPA) is a strategy-based model that helps nonprofits move from reaction to preparation by promoting mission-driven alignments, rather than promoting "benefits" or classic sponsorship models.

Offered as a Comprehensive 5 Phase Process or as individual phases to consider à la carte, Rhinocorn will help any nonprofit:

  • Identify and design programming that advances your goals and mission first within a corporate partnership
  • Solicit, groom and grow your corporate partnerships to mutually invest in your mission-based programming and growth
  • Showcase your engagement array (volunteerism, co-brand, marketing, media, etc.) up front and invite your corporate partners to share their engagement plans for you in return.

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