Fundraising & Development

Unlike many consultancies offering direct fundraising, grant writing or interim support, Rhinocorn is an ad-hoc consultancy, working behind the scenes to build you new tools, strategies and solicitation models for dynamic individual, board, corporate or target-community fundraising and engagement.

Rhinocorn is a full-service consultancy that can support a number of your needs to raise more money and deepen your donor relationships. Contact us to learn more about how we can help support your fundraising and development needs. 



    • Rhinocorn can to create targeted pipelines of donor types and engagement outreach tools to build dynamic relationships with key donors to create a phased engagement approach to growing and grooming donors.
    • Rhinocorn can build new donor outreach engagement programming to target key donor demographic populations (Corporate, Academic, major donor, entrepreneurial, etc.) to insure your message is clear and your relationships are fresh and fundraising-centric. 
    • Rhinocorn can lead workshops or a retreat to improve Engagement practices with your fundraisers at the National and Field levels alike to focus on collective impact fundraising models. 


    • Direct Support, Design &  Implementation Services
    • Written Content
    • Webinars and Workshops
    • Accelerator Retreats