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Nonprofit Partnership Advancement: 5 Steps to Progressive Partnership Success

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For too long, CSR has been generically seen as a two-way road: a concept that both corporations and nonprofits alike engage within and benefit from. But it’s not. And while CSR often drives the private sector to partner with nonprofits, often nonprofits don't have a designed response model to powerfully reply. 

It's time to change that forever. Called Nonprofit Partnership Advancement, NPA is a strategy model focused on the design of nonprofit's mission advancement and alignment by leveraging partnerships for far more than just money by planning for the very things most partnerships demand: co-branding, volunteerism, education and more.

Fresh from my successful Points of Light Volunteering & Service Conference workshop last month on the same topic, this webinar will feature what NPA is, how it's designed and how nonprofits can use it 5 to create their own plan for partnership success. 

This webinar is designed for all types of nonprofit Engagement Professionals: Executive leadership, Development and Fundraising professionals, Volunteer Management professionals, Communications and Marketing professionals, educators and outreach professionals alike.


This workshop will provide participants with: 

  1. The 5 step process to design and build a Nonprofit Partnership Advancement model for your nonprofit
  2. Access to unique tools and methods to support a successful NPA strategy model
  3. The unique honesty, humor and progressive practical theories and methods Ben brings to his clients and contemporaries alike. 

NOTE: This is a 90min Webinar with 60min of education and content and 30min for open questions and discussion with Ben for those who want to stay on the line for the discusison.