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Advanced Community Engagement (NTEN)


NTEN: Where the Nonprofit Technology Community Meets. NTEN aspires to a world where all nonprofit organizations use technology skillfully and confidently to meet community needs and fulfill their missions. NTEN is the membership organization of nonprofit technology professionals. 

As a new member of their educational Faculty, Ben will be teaching two courses for their Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate Program - an in-depth, certified training produced by NTEN in collaboration with the best and brightest in the nptech sector, the certificate covers best practices in technology planning and investment, digital strategy, and leadership.

Course Description: Advanced Community Engagement 

Community engagement is not just about creating compelling organizationally driven communications and campaigns, but how to actually create collaborative conversations inviting others to engage around a collective vision. If you’re doing it right, community engagement excites and unites those who are engaged, especially when each unique method or technological platform is used to its greatest potential and intent.   

Using Facebook for everything? Not sure how to use Twitter? Think Instagram is just for beautiful photos? Does Snapchat make you feel old and unappreciated?

Picking up where Intro to Community Engagement left off, Advanced Community Engagement will thoroughly explore how nonprofits can strategically utilize leading forms of technology to create a matrixed communication and conversational approach. An approach inviting cycles of engagement, interaction, and investment. Course materials will showcase leading strategic engagement models across multiple technological platforms from some of best in the industry including when they are at their best and at times when they at their worst and how you can learn from their struggles and successes.

A week-long course that takes place on NTEN's Online Training Center.

Participants complete pre-readings, answer knowledge check questions, attend an online training, and receive feedback directly from faculty on a homework assignment.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to…

  • Identify passive vs. active collaborative engagement efforts and how to turn passive content into active communications
  • Identify which of the leading forms of technology can help to create different and distinct engagement opportunities in a unified strategic way
  • Design creative and collaborative engagement efforts that invite interaction and community investment

Advanced Context
As an advanced course it is helpful to have an existing understanding of the following prior to participation:

  • Basic understanding of how platforms such as social networks and community forums work
  • Basic experience with forming and/or supporting a formalized group
  • Current community engagement needs and opportunities for your organization’s mission

To learn more about NTEN and their Certification Program Click Here