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ALC 2017: ATD Chapter Leaders Conference



ATD has more than 100 chapters across the country, each led by a volunteer leadership board. Over 1,000 talent development professionals make up the volunteer chapter leader community, and are dedicated to the success of their chapter. Current and upcoming board members will network with fellow chapter leaders, share best practices for running an ATD chapter, and learn about new resources to support their chapter. ALC attendees are the program decision makers for their respective chapters.


Every chapter leader wears two hats . . . that of a leader, with responsibility to others and to the chapter; and that of a volunteer, a person who desires to do good serving their profession and their community.  Wearing both hats simultaneously brings unique challenges!    

This pre-conference session, co-facilitated by volunteer engagement experts Ben Bisbee and Barry Altland, promises to impart the critical knowledge and skills needed for chapter leaders to deepen volunteer engagement—for themselves and others! 

Offered in a two-part session, the segment led by Ben will focus on the language and framework of successful peer-to-peer interaction in a volunteer-driven setting. Session one will showcase eight thoughtful steps to powerfully begin the process of effective leadership and followership with those peers, no matter on or off the clock.

In the second session, Barry provides chapter leaders tools and templates for chapter leaders to tap into the intrinsic motivators of their peer chapter volunteers. Through knowledge-sharing and skill-building, participants will be prepared to provide a significantly deeper engagement experience for themselves and others!Click

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