This is a conference with your unique needs in mind

Focused on three core areas Engagement Professionals need, but rarely get or experience professionally, ER2 is offering:

  1. Accelerated, Refined Engagement Education - aka, no "best practices" or your regular run-of-the-mill educational courses talking about the same basic issues and topics you can find just about anywhere and have heard a million times before.
  2. Self-Care - Offered in a relaxed, comfortable, yet professional atmosphere, opportunities for self-care and self-care education will be part of this conference event. 
  3. Inclusive Networking - A fun and relaxed environment to share, learn, communicate and share a meal with like-focused professionals in the Engagement profession.

Tentative Agenda

9am | Registration & Open Networking

9:30am | Introduction & Kick-Off

10am | Education Session #1: 

The 4 R’s of Engagement Management - How to Powerfully Grow and Sustain Your Nonprofit's Stakeholders

11:30am | Lunch & Entertainment

12:30pm | Self-Care Educational Sessions - two 30min sessions

Guided Meditation

Cubicle Yoga & stretching

Chair and hand massage

Art & Craft Therapy

1:30 | Education Session #2: 

Nonprofit Partnership Advancement, Where Engagement Professionals Collaborate to Attract Dynamic Corporate Partners

2:30pm | Reflection & Close


*schedule, courses, sessions, speakers and general agenda information subject to change