ER2: Overview

The burnout rate for nonprofit Engagement Professionals is far too high to continue ignoring!

Fundraisers, volunteer managers and executive leaders are always and fully engaged with other humans, engaging, recruiting, recognizing, and working to retain donors, partners, volunteers, staff and board members in a seemingly endless cycle.

To be any good at these roles means every human interaction is a kind of dance, an attempt to read the crowd, an opportunity to look for intimate places to create engagements of value. It's exhausting in practice and frankly, exhausting by design. Often creating engagement-fatigue, these professionals not only suffer burnout at their organizations, but often in their professionals too.  

Rhinocorn's idea for solution and support?  To not just focus on better education, better strategies and better tools, but also on the literal mental and physical health of these professionals. And then roll them all into one amazing event... 

Why ER2?

ER2 is a special one-day conference event in NE Ohio, focused on nonprofit Engagement Professionals and their unique and often unmet educational and self-care needs.

Created and hosted by Rhinocorn Consulting, ER2 is designed for fundraisers, volunteer managers, program managers and nonprofit executive leaders alike. Considered Engagement Professionals, we invite all levels of these professions to come learn new engagement skills, refine existing engagement skills, and combat engagement-fatigue in a casual but engaging conference atmosphere.  

This event involves progressive educational workshops with opportunities for self-care engagement in one amazing experience:

  • Two full educational sessions focused on the intersections and advancement of Engagement Professionals with full sets of tools and models to take back to your nonprofit for consideration and implementation. 
  • Four different self-care options (ex: meditation, arts & crafts, yoga, massage, etc.) offered in two sessions of choice that not only offer at-event self-care and relaxation opportunities, but education about how to continue these practices in your own time to help continue battling engagement-fatigue. 
  • Lunch, beverages and snacks included
  • Networking, vendor gallery and give-aways

In addition, 10% of the event’s proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit of one of the conference attendees via a drawing during the event. 

Talking about er2 with your Nonprofit

As a unique conference event, we know that ER2 might not look like it fits the "traditional" conference model, making it potentially difficult to ask for support from your nonprofit and/or leadership to attend. 

But this is not true.

As with any traditional conference event, you will be fully engaged in expert-led educational workshops and opportunities to network with peers. With our additional focus on self-care and our commitment to support the combating of engagement-fatigue, this conference should be of even greater value to your nonprofit and leadership to insure your attendance.

The self-care elements are enhancements, not distractions. They are beneficial, not the focus of this event. However, they not only separate ER2 from other conference models, but are the reason this event should be prioritized for engagement professionals. 

Engagement Professionals who engage in self-care and learn tools to support their decompressing and de-stressing are more productive and focused, both at work and home. This isn't a dream scenerio, it's a true reality with the ER2 conference. 

If you or your leadership are looking for additional value propositions as to why your attendance is essential, please feel free to contact Ben Bisbee at ben@rhinocornconsulting.com directly.