Culture & Communications

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast..." is a famous industry phase that's extraordinarily true for the nonprofit sector. 

Study after study shows there is a direct correlation between a healthy, productive culture and an organization's missional accomplishments. However, the majority of nonprofits spend little to no time thinking, let alone doing anything about culture in a proactive or directive way. And often it's just talked about as "this is just they way it is around here..." That needs to change. 

Rhinocorn offers a wealth of strategic design and strategy support for national culture and communications needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help support your organization with the assessments, tools and strategies necessary to better understand, effectively change or modify culture. 


    • Rhinocorn can conduct a Empathy Map - allowing staff and/or volunteers an opportunity to effectively get into the minds and shoes of other staff or volunteer members of the organization. 
    • Rhinocorn can build strategic operational models of National-to-Field programming and governance for your fundraising, volunteer program or engagement communications teams.


    • Written Content
    • Executive & Management Coaching
    • Organizational Scope + Assessment Support 
    • Webinars and Workshops
    • Accelerator Retreat