Corporate Partnerships & Solicitation

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Each and every day, corporations of every shape and size are creating stronger and increasingly strategic philanthropic and social sector partnerships and plans to continue to grow their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) relationships worldwide. And often they're looking at your nonprofit as part of those efforts. 

Called, Nonprofit Partnership Advancement, Rhinocorn has created a custom 6 phase strategy and design model focused on your whole nonprofit putting it's best organizational and missional assets first to create partnerships that actually help your organization grow and advance. We specialize in helping nonprofits of any shape or size finally own their corporate partnerships in ways that will forever change the model. 

For $1500, we can design a Feedback Forum with leading Fortune 500 Philanthropy experts to review your existing materials and offer feedback. 

Rhinocorn offers a wealth of strategic design and implementation resources for Nonprofit Partnership Advancement. Contact us to learn more about how we can help support your corporate partnership goals. 


    • Rhinocorn can build a dynamic new corporate solicitation program for your nonprofit, complete with all the necessary partner, internal-team management, and activation tools that will wow corporations and put your organization in the driver's seat from day one. 
    • Rhinocorn can help match your nonprofit's philanthropic goals against leading Fortune 1000 potential partners, creating a complete list of likely partnerships for your outreach and engagement efforts to begin developing relationships. 
    • Rhinocorn can create a Feedback Forum with some of the country's leading Fortune 1000 CSR partners and professionals to review and offer feedback against your current or Rhinocorn-designed solicitation and partnership offerings and tools. 


    • Direct Support, Design & Implementation Services
    • Fortune 1000 Feedback Forums 
    • Written Content
    • Webinars and Workshops
    • Accelerator Retreats 

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