Corporate Donor Solicitation and Management 

We believe your corporate donors are the untapped partnerships most charitable organizations are looking to create - large, dynamic, robust relationships that offer a wealth of goodness beyond fundraising that can help take you to the next level. Craving a connection to their community, corporate and business donors are looking to invest in organizations that understand what a community needs and what a corporation craves out of partnership. 

So why is it so difficult to get right?

Let us help you make your corporate donor and partnership the very best it can be for both parties. We offer support in a variety of areas including:

  • Nonprofit Partnership Advancement
  • Corporate solicitation and cultivation strategy and design
  • Corporate partner management strategy and design 
  • Corporate partner stewardship strategy and design 
  • Workplace giving stewardship strategy and design 
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It is our mission to support charitable organizations more powerful to engage and manage their highest level stakeholders by creating the evaluation, design, and strategies necessary to fulfill their missions.

It is our vision to help create a culture of nonprofit success by arming nonprofits with the tools and strategies necessary to allow their stakeholder operations to be as dynamic as their individual mission and visions.

Rhincorn can help with your board member management design and strategy.  

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