"I really enjoyed Ben's enthusiasm, it kept me engaged for the entire webinar!"

"Ben swings from deep and dynamic to hip and hysterical in a flash - he's a 'must see' speaker."

"Ben was great! Best speaker I've listened to at the entire conference."

"He's the closest thing to a 'nonprofit comic' I've ever heard. He's really funny and fresh."

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Why Ben?

Known as a charismatic, entertaining, and comedic speaker and educator, Ben Bisbee is a nonprofit and business thought-leader focused on bringing his best self to your best events, conferences and forums. With over 20 years of nonprofit experience, Ben has an honest and direct approach to his style, knowing how to bring an audience into a place of insight and education without becoming bored or feeling disconnected.  Topics Ben loves to engage others in:

  • Nonprofit  Engagement and Relationship Development 
  • Transformational vs. Transactional Language 
  • Nonprofit Culture and Anti-Culture
  • Nonprofit and Corporate Relationships Highs and Lows
  • Volunteer Leadership Woes and Wins 

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