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Welcome to the private page of Ben Bisbee Design - As some of you might know, behind all the consulting and antics I have the heart of an artist - creating and designing all of my own materials, graphics and logos by hand for any project I'm leading.  I've even been known to privately create custom materials and logos for friends and family. 

I decided it's time to offer my design work professionally while building Rhinocorn to make a little extra income. I always promise to make my work your work, giving your projects a unique look, feel and voice.

Check me out and let me know if I’m the creative voice that blends well with your custom needs.

And scroll below for examples of my best work. 


  1. Fill out the form below or contact me directly.

  2. We'll schedule a 30min consultation to discuss your needs and my work.

  3. Assuming you want to hire me, you then make an initial full payment via PayPal to start the formal process (link below)

  4. I begin working on your project and have it finished within 7 business days!

Design Highlights + Examples 

These are just a few examples of my work - please click on an image to see it in more detail.  Everything I create is fully custom, excluding some background graphics that I have purchased for design impact (wood grains, textures). 

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*I always offer a free 30 minute consultation process before you pay or I start any work. 

$95 | Resume revision

I will fully revision your resume in a gorgeous, creative, color-aided masterpiece while also editing your experience into a more modern and effective showcase of your history and talents. This includes as many rounds of edits as necessary and several custom design options to choose from. Your resume isn’t ready until you’re happy!

$125 | Logo

I will create up to 6 fully custom designs for you to review and creatively suggest edits until we get to the perfect final logo for your business or special project. You will receive a full suite of full-color, b&w, and grey-scale final logos for any use or need.  

$150 | Custom postcard

Already have a logo and just want a smart, creative digital or one-sided printable postcard created for your company or special event? I will create 2 custom looks to choose from, allowing you to creatively suggest edits until we get to the perfect final product.

$200 | Custom full page

Looking for a little more space to promote or showcase your company, product or event? I will create 2 custom looks to choose from, allowing you to creatively suggest edits until we get to the perfect final one-sided product.

For a two-sided product, please add $100 to the total. 

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Fees & details

  • All work is custom and created within one week (7 days) of payment.

  • You can pay an additional $50 for an expedited project (2-3 days).

  • Payment is nonrefundable, however, I will always work until a client is happy so if we go over the 7 days between concept and edits, I will never charge extra.

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