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"Ben is one of the most thorough, conscientious, phenomenal people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with ... his creativity, enthusiasm and attention to detail stood out among his colleagues."

Shana Wallenstein | Director of Development & Communications, Beachwood City Schools

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Rhinocorn's Impact:

  • Supported the design and direction of their new community and corporate sponsorship package models for four, five, six and seven figure legacy and limited name recognition donations. 
  • Designed engagement and communications strategies for major event, donors and parents
  • Designed custom graphic and communications tools for several community and outreach events 


Who is Beachwood City Schools?

The Beachwood City School District is located in Beachwood, Ohio, an east-side suburb of Cleveland. Approximately 1,624 students are enrolled in four schools.  Their mission statement is made of eight carefully chosen words that together mean the District is centered on the development of creative, knowledge-seeking members of the community who will take risks and see the big picture; young men and women who will become the responsible global leaders of tomorrow.