Working With Rhinocorn

60min Free Consultation Call 

Contact us to schedule an hour to talk about your organizational needs, goals and opportunities for improvement through our services. Where we can help you with an opportunity we will then talk next steps or perhaps consider making introductions between you and other professional consultants and companies that might better support your needs. 

This initial call will help you learn about us and us learn about you.  Need a refresher on our services?

Monthly Advisory Services

Looking to effectively but inexpensively put Team Rhinocorn to work? Rhinocorn Monthly Advisory Services is our exclusive consulting and advice-only model. This option offers our clients with a set number of hours to access on a month to month basis, allowing for flexibility of guidance and advisory consulting tailored to your personal or organizational needs. Unlike our full-service Rhinocorn On Retainer or Flat-Fee Services, this model simply includes guided advice, verbal consulting and expert guidance.  

We offer two packages based on your needs:

  • 4 Hour Package - Offering one scheduled hour a week or scheduled as needed over the month - $500 a month
  • 8 Hour Package - Offering two scheduled hours a week or scheduled as needed over the month - $1000 a month 

Monthly Advisory Services are also where we offer our Executive Coaching options.  Rhinocorn Executive Coaching is led by our Founder + Principal, Ben Bisbee and is a thought-provoking and creative process that helps to access an individual's professional goals and objectives and engages a client in a process to maximize personal and professional potential based on goals and objectives.  Need a refresher on our services?

  • Hourly rates are $275 an hour with a minimum of a four sessions required

Project & Flat-Fee Services

Some clients may only have a need for a key objective or focused initiative to be accomplished. Opportunities such as a template corporate benefit matrix, a volunteer handbook, or a custom webinar to support fundraiser or program staff objectives are examples of individual projects. Based on the nature and scope of the individual project requested, we offer inclusive flat-fee rates and timelines based on your custom needs.  Need a refresher on our services?

Rhinocorn On Retainer

Most of our clients come to us for big, sustainable and exciting changes to their organizational goals and objectives. Opportunities such as a custom corporate fundraising and solicitation platform, developing a Nonprofit Partnership Advancement plan, or designing a new volunteer program will take several months of scope, research and customized work to insure your organizational needs and goals are not just met but exceeded. In these instances we offer our Rhinocorn On Retainer model offering set hours and a custom timeframe for the scope of our services on a monthly retainer model.

With Rhinocorn On Retainer, you get Team Rhinocorn for everything we have to offer: our subject matter expertise in consulting, guidance, research, design, training, implementation, piloting and adoption. Need a refresher on our services?


Are you ready to begin your journey with Rhinocorn Consulting?

Contact us to talk about immediate contract needs or CLICK HERE to schedule your 60min Free Consultation Call.