The Rundown 9.20.2017

Ever find a really gorgeous lamp or piece of art and think "Oh, I'd love to have that, but where would I put it?" And you stand there, wondering if you should buy it anyway and figure it out later or just let it go so you don't fill your house with a bunch of things that don't really have a place or purpose? 

This is me. This is you. This is the nonprofit sector. A place where we often find nuggets of wisdom, bright ideas, new models of ingenuity and the like, and think to ourselves "Is there a place for this at my nonprofit?" or "Do I have the bandwidth or money or space or time to try and adopt this idea into our organization?"

This week? I've got a few more nuggets of wisdom and bright ideas to share. About fundraising, about presenting, board diversity, and volunteer recruitment. What will you do? Will you find any room? I guess time will tell. But even if I'm making you think a little harder about those problems, I still argue they're good problems to have. More options and brighter ideas are always better than none. 

How to Get Donations: 18 Ways the Pros Are Doing It

  • Consultants like me believe everyone could do something better or at least try something different. So having 18 ideas to grow or support your fundraising is a nice place to start. I personally loved #15. 
  • A dynamic list created by Terry Ibele at Wild Apricot, even the most seasoned fundraiser will find at least one idea you've never explored but worth considering. 

5 minute read w/o links

The Great Presentation Skills Hoax

  • Can you have a successful presentation and not be a good presenter? Sure! Just like you can get to the other side of the lake by doggy paddling and not be a good swimmer. But it's not easy. 
  • Kindly addressed by Dave Mac over at the Presentation Blogger, he offers a handful of thoughtful tips to help you grow your skills. 

3 minute read

7 things you can do to improve the sad, pathetic state of board diversity

  • BoardSource recently released its report on board diversity - and boy are we failing as an industry. In fact, over two decades of research proves we're not even trying to improve. 
  • Please. Please. Please read this really passionate and thoughtful overview from Vu Le over at Nonprofit AF.  He breaks it all down and then helps to build it back up with a series of serious investments we all need to achieve for moving forward powerfully. 

6 minute read - and worth every second. 

Remember, Seek Out Volunteers Who Represent Your Audience

  • Fresh off the idea of how diversity plays into your boards, have you considered how it also involves your volunteers? Do you think of your volunteers as a true reflection of your organization?
  • While this article doesn't directly address racial diversity, Kayla Matthews at VolunteerMatch's Engaging Volunteers blog offers insights that help you map your community against your volunteers and now--more than ever--looking at this through the lens of diversity and how to reflect your community more effectively. 

3 minute read

"If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity." John F. Kennedy


The Rundown 9.13.2017

I was telling a good friend the other day that each week while I'm constructing The Rundown, I always think that week's edition is the best edition ever. And frankly, this week's edition is no different. 

Little by little I feel I'm constantly uncovering what The Rundown is and how to make it an exciting and effective source of information for its readership.

Just as Rhinocorn is an Engagement Expertise consultancy, The Rundown is a reflection of that - a collection of blogs and insights about leadership, growth, engagement, education and insights affecting the professions of fundraisers, volunteer managers, communicators, public programmers, educators and leadership. 

If you're a nonprofit professional in another sector, does that mean it's not a good fit for you? I don't know, you'd have to tell me. But if you're an Engagement Professional, I hope you've found The Rundown to be a wellspring of curated insight and information that's speaking to you. 


The More Senior Your Job Title, the More You Need to Keep a Journal

  • Your brain needs a break. It needs time to not just think, but process and dwell and consider. And if you're in a leadership position, more than ever. 
  • Addressing its benefits, Dan Ciampa at the Harvard Business Review talks about the power of "sitting quietly in a room alone with your thoughts" and how journaling creates that much-needed opportunity for leaders. 

4 minute read

Could your volunteers solve most of your fundraising problems?

  • As an Engagement Expert, I know first hand the connection between donors and volunteers (and I'm not just talking about board members). And often we far, far undervalue volunteers universally, but even moreso when we're talking about donor potential. 
  • With a quick list of statistics you'll want to know, Gregory Warner at MarketSmart gives you a few things to think about to consider volunteers more than just "free labor". 

1 minute read

How to Add Urgency to Your Fundraising Appeals Without Being Pushy

  • Your fundraising asks need to be compelling and clear, but they also often need to be direct and timely. Donors need to donate now! Your mission doesn't sleep, donors can't either. But how best to relay that message?
  • Answering the question "Why now?", John Haydon will engage and entertain you with 6 fantastic tips and tricks and a few gifs and solid examples thrown in along the way. 

4 minute read

Mindful News Consumption Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

  • No matter if it's real, fake, pressing, live, or historical, news can become overwhelming when you're trying to stay highly informed, while also trying not to let it consume you these days. 
  • Giving you some amazing and thoughtful tips on being a wise news consumer, If you're not following or reading Beth Kanter, you're not really living your best life as a nonprofit professional. 

3 minute read

Nonprofit Engagement Professionals Run the World

  • Your nonprofit is run and ruled by the successes and efforts of your Engagement Professionals. They take your mission and passion and make them relatable, engaging and investment-worthy. 
  • But do you know who they are? And are you investing in them? Because I have some ideas and solutions to help. A little piece by me

3 minute read



"It takes a little bit of mindfulness and a little bit of attention to others to be a good listener, which helps cultivate emotional nurturing and engagement." 
Deepak Chopra

The Rundown 9.6.2017

"You often feature other consultants...You often feature people who might actually be your competition... You could be promoting people away from Rhinocorn... You could be losing business..."

Phrases I sometimes hear when people talk to me about The Rundown. Now look, for the most part, people get the idea of this little project. Or they at least appreciate the format and simplicity of sharing great, smart, cool content for nonprofit professionals. But not everyone.

And to those folks? It's going to be ok. I'm going to be ok. In a world where I so deeply and altruistically want people and the industry to get smarter together, I'm doing my part. This is how it gets done. Sharing the bright ideas, smart things of others--and sometimes even my own work--is part of the process. And I'm proud of this little project. And I'm honored to promote smart people. And I'm humbled by my readership. And together we'll do such great things. But that means I cannot--and should not--pretend to do it alone. It happens together or not at all.

#TheMoreYouKnow #TogetherWeGo 


The Last Will and Testament of Nonprofit Executives

  • Founder syndrome is real. So is the idea that nonprofit executives will be with an organization forever. And it often feels that way, because so few do anything to resembles transition or succession until they die. Or retire... 
  • Another gem from Sarai Johnson over at Lean Nonprofit, she's talking the talk and asking others to walk the walk before burnout burns down the whole industry. 

4 Minute Read

Five Limits Your Brain Puts on Generosity

  • Human are actually, naturally generous. This is proven time and time again during times of natural disasters and strife. But there are limits. And we intrinsically know this? But finally someone researched it and the results of what and why are fascinating. 
  • Rundown nicely by Summer Allen at Greater Good Magazine, some of the five reasons will surprise you, some won't.
  • And as nonprofit professionals we should smartly use this data and insight to help us build better bridges on and off the path to donation and volunteerism. 

8 Minute Read

Don’t read this if your organization doesn’t need more donors, volunteers or if you don’t like stress-free fundraising

  • Sometimes you just want someone to look you in the eyes and tell you it's going to be ok, and that you have the power to make great changes. And that's just the kind of experience and advice you'll receive within the five videos called Fundraising on FLEEK Week.
  • Designed and hosted by the amazing Michelle Price-Johnson over at MaxCause, you'll appreciate her time in broadcast media because of the natural, relaxed but engaging atmosphere of her videos and approach.  

Video Series


  • Please stop pretending you have to know how to do everything. And please even moreso, stop pretending you don't have to be any good at something just because you don't. Case in point, writing about the transgender community. 
  • Brilliantly outlined by Alex Kapitan over at The Radical Copyeditor, this is an easy to adapt and edit format that will have you looking like you knew how to write about this population the whole time - and as Alex puts it "with context and care."

6 Minute Read - Reference Guide


"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness." Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Rundown 8.30.2017

So. Much. Content. Good content. Fantastic content. But I've read so much content this week, it was honestly very hard to only pick 5 to share - and keep in mind, I didn't even feature some of my own work this week that was released over in 31st Century Concepts!

#selfless #moderatehumility #hashtagsarefunny #someonestopme

This week I'm covering a wide cross-section of topics from poverty insights to Facebook nonprofit birthday donations, volunteer project approvals to when and why to hire a consultant, and a few phrases anyone who's a boss needs to quit saying immediately. Some really great stuff in here this week with about 15 minutes of content to read overall. Because you deserve only the best. 


Knowing When to Consider Hiring a Nonprofit Consultant

  • Why on earth would you hire someone like me? Something like Rhinocorn? Do you have the "right" needs or could we even be helpful in the first place? Do you even know where you could use support?
  • PSSSSSSSST: This is why I offer a Free 60min Consultation. *cough*
  • Spelled out to perfection by Tracy V. Allen at TVA Consulting, there are a variety of reasons a nonprofit might need a consultant, the the best ways to figure out what your needs are, and who can help you solve them. 


How to deal when staff pushes back on your volunteer project

  • Often internally joked as the "redheaded step-child" of the industry (we can call ourselves that, not you), good Volunteer Managers are like any other good managers: fueled by their profession and often seek out great ideas and solutions to problems identified. 
  • As pointed out so smartly by Elisa Kosarin at Twenty Hats, that doesn't mean they get heard, respected or understood.So she's developed a list of things to both consider and apply to help manage push-back and lack of support. 


Facebook feature now allows friends to give you money on your birthday—but there’s a catch

  • Saying "Happy Birthday" on Facebook just got happier ...for nonprofits. 
  • Announced this month, Facebook will now allow everyone a chance to pick a nonprofit (from a growing 750,000 of them) for family, friends and fans to give them a "birthday gift" that benefits a charity of choice. 
  • Spelled out in all it's glory by Shawn M. Carter over at CNBC Money, this newsworthy information allows you to also consider telling your donors to consider their social media for your fundraising needs matched with their birthday celebrations!


Back to School Reading on Poverty in America

  • Looking to deepen your understanding and education on the issues of poverty facing America? Or trying to help others consider broadening their own insights and mind on a topic that your nonprofit or you personally care deeply about?
  • Curated by Lauren Mack Janus at Thoughtful Philanthropy, she highlights several books of merit on the subject of poverty and its impact in the American landscape that will keep you informed and invested. 


19 Things Great Bosses Refuse to Say (and Terrible Bosses Say All the Time)

  • SPOILER ALERT: Even the good bosses sometimes say some of these phrases, but at least this list does a fantastic job of debunking why in order to give us all wake-up calls about how to stop doing so. 
  • Outlined by Jeff Haden over at Inc. you'll nod your head and cringe along with the rest of us on these phrases for all the right reasons. 




"Don't hire for the sake of hiring. Hire because there is no other way to do what you want to do." Sam Altman

The Rundown 8.23.2017

If you can read this, then congratulations, you were not blinded by the recent eclipse! Good job either ignoring all the hype and/or wearing the appropriate eyewear for the event.

Good thing too, because this week in The Rundown we're eyes-wide-open on a variety of topics from current political issues to the drama of our professions, to making SMARTer moves and the growing world of Rhinocorn and thought leadership. About 15min worth of great reading this week - enjoy!


White supremacy: What’s a CEO to do?

  • What does an article aimed at corporate America have to do with your and your nonprofit? Lots of things, frankly.
  • Not only is some of the same branding and reaction info applicable, it's also good to understand how corporate thought-leaders are being talked to about the same issues we're facing. They are not just "them", these are also our community partners and funders. 
  • Smartly written by the lovely, Bea Boccalandro, this brief piece covers a wealth of info and will help inform you about reactions to the current political climate across the street.
  • 2 MIN READ

Development Officers are SUCH Prima Donnas

  • Fundraising is often like microwave cooking: it looks simple and easy, but the technology and internal mechanisms are hard to see and far from simple. Such is the often the case for Fundraisers and what happens behind the scenes vs. what is often seen by others. 
  • Capturing the voice of an industry, Julie Sootin over at her blog The Revolving Door hits a few nails on the head on this subject and more facing the Engagement Professionalism of development and fundraising.
  • 2 MIN READ

How About a Little More Love for the LoVE Profession?

  • I don't personally know a Volunteer Management professional who doesn't think they and the industry don't get a bum rap. Often the literal life's blood of any organization (sorry fundraisers, you're the bones), Leaders of Volunteer Engagement (LoVE) are rarely given their just due - and that needs to end from the top down. 
  • Don't just take it from me, take it from the acclaimed Barry Altland and his Head, Heart and Hands Engagement Blog Thoughts where he often digs deeply into the topics closest to our heads, hearts and hands - hey, sometimes these things write themselves!
  • 7 MIN READ

5 Ways to Stop Making the Terrible Excuses That Are Holding You Back

  • Pssst. Hey. Psssssssst. Hey. Hey, you feeling SMART? Yeah, you. You feeling SMART? You know, S.M.A.R.T.?
  • Outlined in a smart way (huh? huh?), Lolly Daskal hosted by Inc. helps to bridge the gap between being unprepared and finally ready to take on the world. One SMART goal at a time.  
  • 2 MIN READ

31st Century Concepts

  • Just how committed to engagement and education can one guy be, you ask? Very. Very damn committed. Not only do I have my own consultancy, a private Facebook page called The Nonprofit InfoShare Network, and host this little nugget of weekly wisdom showcasing other people's writings, but I also write often myself. 
  • Determined to keep making the industry collectively smarter, I've recently decided to collaborate full-time with my writing partner and industry leader Kathy Murdoch-Wisniewski and launch 31st Century Concepts as part of the Rhinocorn family - a blog focused on a wealth of progressive nonprofit theories and ideas for every nonprofit.  
  • Check us out! 


"Conflict is drama, and how people deal with conflict shows you the kind of people they are." Stephen Moyer

The Rundown 8.16.2017

If you're anything like me you're on your phone or at your desk "working" but your mind is often in other places. You're frustrated. You're angry. You're scared. Or maybe you're just tired. Or sad. Or feel numb. A feeling, ironically that's supposed to feel like "nothing" but couldn't be more from the truth. 

Depending on the hour, I'm in any of these places. I often feel limited or like I don't know where to begin to address or affect the changes necessary around issues of racism, violence, bigotry, and social justice. So I'm starting here. I'm taking this humble little project called The Rundown and I'm at least opening a few doors of dialogue and adding to all of our education. 

I'm focused on what's happening in our country, but also what happens at your nonprofit and in our shared lives. So this week I'm sharing articles on a variety of topics that I think matter. I hope you do too. I hope I can open some doors. And I hope you help me to continue holding them open for others as well.


5 ways you can take action in the wake of white supremacist violence in Charlottesville

  • What can you do when facing something this outrageous? How do we fight against white supremacy and those who support their initiatives? Lots of things, trust me. Lots of things and I implore you and your nonprofit to consider at least one of them.
  • Matt Petronzio with Mashable quickly put together a list of excellent considerations, including a list of amazing nonprofits and organizations to consider supporting. 
  • 6 MIN READ w/o links and video

Fundraising Trend #5: The End of Corporate-Speak

  • Wait. Before you start working with your nonprofit's marketing team on that new self-promotional slogan or jingle to appeal to more donors, read this
  • Fraser Green with Good Works spells it out really nicely that the days of "corporate-speak" marketing with nonprofits is over. People want real stories, real insights, real lives reflected. 
  • 4 MIN READ

Three Things You Can Learn From CEOs About Staying Positive

  • This is not a plea to "stay positive" in the face of injustice. Or maybe it is? This article is a smart look at how anyone can stay positive with anything they face, no matter what they face. You and me included.
  • Aaron Hurst picks the brains of some fantastic CEOs on what keeps them more positive and how others can benefit from the same thoughts or approaches in their own lives. 
  • 4 MIN READ

5 Charts That Illustrate The Racial Bias In The Nonprofit World

  • It's not a secret that the nonprofit sector has a racial diversity issue. It's even less of a secret since a series of reports that surfaced last year with over 15yrs or research applied pointed out where, when and why. 
  • Ben Paynter at Fast Company pulls at a few threads asking why white people continue to hold 80% of the industry's top positions. 
  • 4 MIN READ w/o links

10 Ways to Cultivate Credibility

  • Credibility is key. We think highly and broadly about education, experience and clout, but we sometimes forget about the role credibility plays not only in our own careers, but when we interact with others.
  • I've disliked many people personally who I was able to work effectively with because they were smart, reliable and credible
  • Sherrie Campbell at Entrepreneur spells it all out with 10 smart tips and considerations to not only seem but actually become more credible. 
  • 4 MIN READ


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela


The Rundown 8.9.2017

You don't wear ballet flats to a marathon. But often, professionally? We do this all the time. We focus on the goal and not on our methods. We're achievement oriented people, but not operationally focused. Not yet. But we can be. I believe in us! I believe we can look at ourselves and actually do things better, not just build increasingly dynamic goals, but increasingly dynamic processes! I do! I believe!

Come'on! Believe with me! This week in The Rundown, we're taking a few deep dives around process and operations related to social justice inequalities at our conferences, how to build better teams that matter, and how to rewrite our middle management struggles. Enjoy. 


Neither Radical nor Revolutionary: The Preservation of Privilege in Social Justice Activism

  • Go grab some coffee - this is best thing I've read all week. Think about the last nonprofit conference you attended. Are we making room for the people and professionals who are in the trenches of action and mission? Are we making sure everyone can attend who needs to attend so their stories can be shared? 
  • Gripping, honest, and thought-provoking, Laura LeMoon brings to light an issue that we need to address in the industry. Ripped straight from her personal experiences, you'll see why Laura needs to be heard. And why far too often people like her are not. And why we're all suffering for it. 
  • 5 MIN READ

New GuideStar Seals, New Data, New Profiles

  • Do you know your nonprofit's social good status? You know, the thing that careful, focused and investigative individuals, companies and foundations look at closely when trying to make sure their money or time is well invested? 
  • The first place you should look is GuideStar, and now more than ever because they are getting a facelift - meaning so will your nonprofit with new profiles, new data and new visuals to help highlight your best (and worst).
  • 3 MIN READ

Build Your Team Like Broadway

  • If you take a step back, it's rare that work environments or teams "fail" just because people do or don't like each other. It's so much more complicated, usually more impacted by a lack of trust, value, and stability.
  • Deborah Halliday from Collective Impact highlights this truth by showcasing how recent research studying 474 Broadway productions released between 1945 and 1989, proves this time and time again. 
  • 3 MIN READ

Why Being a Middle Manager Is So Exhausting

  • We've all been there, hell, some of us are still there: Middle Management. It's not all bad, but it's not all good and frankly it's often more than just exhausting, it's complicated and frustrating.
  • So thank god for Eric M. Anicich and Jacob B. Hirsh over at the Harvard Business Review that put things in perspective on not just why it often feels this way, but how to tackle some of the issues and manage them better. See what I did there? Manage them better? Huh? Huh? Eh, whatever.
  • 4 MIN READ



As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest. Nelson Mandela

The Rundown 8.2.2017

"Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated, thus, everyone's task is unique as his specific opportunity to implement it." - Viktor E. Frankl

How much thought do you put into the work that you do? I'm not talking about your intent, I'm talking about your methodologies. Because I think we don't think about that enough. We tell ourselves we follow "best practices" when honestly we're really just using that phrase to express how we like to doing something. Because we always have. Maybe always will. 

So what if we didn't? What if we reached out? What if we at least did a little comparison-shopping with our methodologies? Because there are sometimes better ways. And this week in The Rundown I think I've found a couple of decent contenders that might make you agree....


New Study: Reveals Four Critical Factors for Nonprofits to Succeed in an Ever Expanding and Crowded Market

  • Passion is not the answer to the question "What makes for a successful nonprofit? We know this. It's just that the real answers to that question are often complex and difficult to wield powerfully. That's why when someone does the footwork for us, we need to have a handful of confetti ready to throw into the air to celebrate - even if the answers are hard. 
  • Brian Crimmins over at One Hundred is offering some future-forward insights into the areas of design and engagement that nonprofits need to explore or refine in order to stay ahead of the pack and ahead of the currents. 
  • 3 MIN READ w/o links

Top Challenges with Volunteer Engagement & Retention

  • There is a power in being able to look at an industry peer in the eyes across the table to talk about successes and struggles. They just get it. And why wouldn't they? They're doing the same kind of work you're doing, so it's rewarding when everyone can compare notes or talk shop. 
  • So thank Lori Halley over at the Wild Apricot team for gathering the insights of dozens of Volunteer Management professionals on the topic of volunteer engagement and retention challenges facing the industry and how to address some of them smartly. 
  • 5 MIN READ

How to create a one-page strategy in six simple steps

  • Who doesn't love an easy tool to help you own and define a strategy? Well, maybe people who love to complain? Or people who are happiest when they're unhappy? Thankfully, that's none of us.
  • Bernard Marr over at Bernard Marr & Co. hands us the keys to unlock our best strategy selves with a slick and easy SMART strategy board model that feels like a game-changer worth noting. 
  • 4 MIN READ

The Nonprofit InfoShare Network w/ Rhinocorn

  • Recently I was on another popular nonprofit Facebook group page and when sharing a cool article was told by an Admin that the page doesn't condone "links or other solicitation" content. It was a post about burnout. And I didn't write it. But it was clearly seen as wrong for the page. 
  • But to each their own, I say. So I started The Nonprofit InfoShare Network on Facebook - kinda like an open-share version of The Rundown for me, you and anyone else online to share the best and brightest nonprofit content liberally. Check it out! 

WEBINAR: Nonprofit Partnership Advancement: 5 Steps to Progressive Partnership Success

  • Are you an Engagement Professional? A fundraiser, volunteer manager, program manager, communications professional or executive leader? Then this webinar is for you and the last day to Register!

  • Register to join me tomorrow on August 3rd at 2pm EST to learn how your nonprofit can build the best corporate partnership solicitation model possible that puts your nonprofit in the driver's seat and help to actually advance your organization.



What do you think is the #1 thing often keeping us from achieving our goals?


The Rundown 7.25.2017

What brings you to The Rundown? Indulge me, for a moment: Do you get value out of the articles I think are worth sharing? Do you appreciate sharing the average time it takes to read? Do you feel like it's covering the ground that professionally supports your interests? 

I really do want to know. I love this little nugget of wisdom I put out each week; readership is solid, but growth is fairly static. I sometimes wonder why. It doesn't change the fact that I love doing it. I love sharing good, quality information about the sector. I want people to be and feel smarter. I want us to collectively grow as professionals. So I'm not sure I'd ever stop - or that you could make me? But I'd like to know if I could be doing it better. And I'd love your thoughts on the subject.

In the meantime, here are some of the best stuff I've read this week, fresh off their own platforms: Data, Burnout and Overhead, Oh My! Three topics we're probably a little tired of talking about... so I was excited to find some new voices with fresh thoughts and perspectives. Enjoy! 


Data Driven Decision Making in a Volunteer Program

  • If your annual volunteer report is basically two massive numbers: one of how many volunteers you engaged and one of how many hours they contributed to your nonprofit - you're doing it wrong. Sorry, not sorry.
  • Christine Stankowski over at Flutterbye and I very much see eye-to-eye on this subject, and here she smartly outlines a few areas you should be tracking and how it can help you make increasingly smart decisions about your volunteers and program.   
  • 3 MIN READ

Burnout: An Epidemic

  • Burnout is real. I think we forget that because it's talked about so much we push it to the side. And then it strikes. And then it's all too real and often too late to do anything about it until it passes or we need to move on. 
  • Sarai Johnson at Lean Nonprofit is passionate about this subject and it shows. In this article she talks less about how to "avoid it" and more about what to interpret from it personally - and it's crazy refreshing. 
  • 4 MIN READ

The Issue with Nonprofit Overhead and How to Change the Conversation

  • Hey nonprofit professional - you are not "overhead" you are "mission costs" - and don't you ever forget it. And also? Don't let donors forget about it either. Because I think we're all beyond-tired of the "I don't want to donate to overhead" push-back. It's not realistic, it's not how thing actually happen, and it's time to change the way we talk about it. 
  • Andrew Urban at npENGAGE nails this subject on it's head briefly and wisely and even offers some new terms and language into the lexicon that I think will make all of our lives a little easier on this subject. 
  • 3 MIN READ

WEBINAR: Nonprofit Partnership Advancement: 5 Steps to Progressive Partnership Success

  • Are you an Engagement Professional? A fundraiser, volunteer manager, program manager, communications professional or executive leader? Then this webinar is for you.

  • Join me on August 3rd at 2pm EST to learn how your nonprofit can build the best corporate partnership solicitation model possible that puts your nonprofit in the driver's seat and help to actually advance your organization.



What is the very first thing you notice happening to yourself when you can feel burnout setting in?

The Rundown 7.19.2017

As most people do, I start my webinars and workshops by telling people a little bit about myself. Among the classic background and skill details, I always make sure to mention two important things folks need to know before we begin: I know they are a unique flower and I am not a psychic. 

While I appreciate the laughs this always brings, I do this to remind everyone there are over 1.5M nonprofits in the US. And even the best of best practices or strategies will require a little modification or editing at the individual level based on their unique needs. Now, that doesn't mean we're not used to seeing some of the same trends, myths and problems among us all, that's for sure.

So this week, I'm still acknowledging your uniqueness and my inability tell the future, but like humanity, we are often more alike than different. So enjoy a few article that really speaks to that truth. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but moreover you'll feel connected to your peers - no matter how unique you really are. 


10 Myths About Non-Profit Work

  • You know how Icy-Hot is both hot and cold? Both soothing and invasive? This is the Ice-Hot of nonprofit articles. The whole time you're going Yes! Exactly! Thank you! But you'll also frown, then smile, probably cheer and certainly growl - but for all the right reasons.
  • Thank you to US News & World Report and Alison Green for knowing the truth 6 years ago and for this article making the rounds again to remind us.
  • But with a 6 year old article in mind? We need to work harder to make these myths and truths more effectively known. This article proves it.
  • 3 MIN READ

How Grantmakers Unwittingly Make Life Harder For Nonprofits

  • Grantmakers want to fund us... right? It sure seems so on the surface, but man it sure doesn't once you start to dig into the entire process, sometimes.
  • Kris Putnam-Walkerly over at Forbes digs into a few of our least-favorite Grantmaker hurdles with a sense of humor and civility but also with a sense of tact to ask the hard questions in reply. And for that, we're grateful. 
  • 3 MIN READ

7 Hidden Strengths of Volunteer Risk Management: It’s About Growth!

  • Any volunteer professional worth their salt knows "free" labor isn't free, but I'm not sure we're also thinking about the costs associated with risk management issues too. And that needs to change for the safety and security of our volunteers, our organizations and the profession at large.
  • Tobi Johnson makes addressing this difficult issue simple, with a 7 step process to develop a plan to address your unique needs. 
  • 3 MIN READ

WEBINAR: Nonprofit Partnership Advancement: 5 Steps to Progressive Partnership Success

  • Are you an Engagement Professional? A Development professional, volunteer manager, program managers, communications professional or executive leader? Then this webinar is for you.

  • Join me for a free webinar on August 3rd at 2pm EST to learn how your nonprofit can build their own Nonprofit Partnership Advancement model to take control back of your corporate and private partnerships. 



What nonprofit myth makes you laugh the hardest?