The Rundown 6.21.2017

The life if a nonprofit professional isn't easy. We see problems, we find ways to address them and all the while we showcase a rare kind of confidence to allure supporters, donor, volunteers and anyone willing to highlight the problem's we're trying to solve, all while--and you know this is true--freaking out on the back end that we're probably doing it wrong or could be doing it better.

No? Just me? Just my 20 years in the industry and everyone else I know? Not you? Then this week, The Rundown will confound and confuse you. Sorry about that. 

This week I'm sharing a few pieces that get to the heart of change: comparative studies, design thinking facilitation tools, and being told to quit thinking our intelligence cures any of the problems we face. Oh, and a little, tiny plug for my Points of Light Conference presentation this week (wish me luck). So open some wine, open your mind, and click on a few links. 


2017 Human Resources Nonprofit Comparison Study

  • Every wanted to get inside the head of your Executive Leadership about their hiring practices? 
  • The Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration are conducting a groundbreaking study to examine how nonprofit CEOs recruit, support, and resource four key staff positions within their organization, including volunteer engagement professionals.
  • So please pass this along to your ED or organizational leader. The survey must be completed by June 26, 2017

4 Design Thinking Facilitation Resources for Nonprofits

  • Have you ever thought about how your programming or mission's work is designed? Moreover, have you ever looked at it from the distinct perspective of those you are serving? 
  • Design Thinking is nothing new, but is finally starting to catch on with the nonprofit sector and as Beth Kanter smartly puts it, "design thinking methodology encourages exploration of unconventional solutions by looking at a problem from the point of view of the people being served."
  • Here, Beth explores four really amazing design thinking facilitation tools you can use at your nonprofit and at your next planning or strategy session.
  • 4 MIN READ (w/o links)

You're Not Too Smart to Have Problems & Other "Intelligence" Misconceptions

  • We all know that person who grunts and frets because they feel they are "too smart" to be dealing with this or that. As if being smart should be some sort of "cure" of what's ailing them. Oh, to dream. 
  • Howard Scott Warshaw lays it all out very smartly and very bluntly with headers such as "Intelligence is a Tool, not a Character Trait" and "The Logical End of Intelligence is Insanity" that will make you chuckle even if the article isn't intended to be funny. But it's funny because we know the people he's describing. And its also kind sad because often it's us. 
  • 4 MIN READ

5 Questions to Improve Your Corporate Partnerships Today!

  • This week I'm in sunny Seattle, WA at the Points of Light's Conference on Volunteering and Service. Both attending and presenting this year, I'm excited to connect with so many professionals and volunteers on the frontline of engagement expertise.
  • Oh yeah, did I mention I was presenting? Little ole me? Well, something must have fallen through their vetting cracks, because yep, I sure am.
  • And if you're wondering what I'll be talking about with about 100+ nonprofit professionals, it's all contained in the article linked above. And even if you've read it before? Please share it this week with someone you think would appreciate it or via LinkedIn? As a kind of "Good luck, Ben!". Thanks.
  • 5 MIN READ


"A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether."
Roy H. Williams - best selling author and marketing consultant



The Rundown 6.14.2017

*clears throat* I believe, we don't spend enough time trying to make each other smarter. I think we work hard at looking smart. I think we think other people are fairly smart. But I don't think we spend enough time trying to make each other smarter. 

Why is this? I think we struggle with a sense of collaborative communications and feeling comfortable in the blended world of educating and being educated. We often feel like if we don't know something, we look foolish or vulnerable. And maybe we do. And maybe that's part of the problem. We need to get better at being willing to educate others and be educated by others with a sense of humility and slow down on making people feel shameful otherwise.

In this I believe. So this week, I took shelter in blogs that are trying to teach us something - even if the author knows we already think we know something about the topic. Trust me, you will learn a few things this week. I did. And I promise not to make you feel stupid for learning or foolish for forgetting anything in the first place. Welcome to The Rundown, my friends. 


Leading People Too Smart to Be Led

  • Full disclosure, I want to literally kiss this article. Passionately. Maybe even employ a little tongue. And so, I'm really sorry if you're a visual thinker. 
  • Robert C. Wolcott at the Harvard Business Review does two things really well in this article: 1) throws bureaucratic caution to the wind and 2) suggests a series of leadership-inducing and inspiring suggestions that will thrill any progressive leader.
  • With suggestions like: "don’t valorize failure", "encourage smart recklessness" and "search for 'stupid' practices as much as you seek best practices" you need to pour a cup of coffee or tea and settle into this wickedly masterful piece. 
  • 4 MIN READ

5 Simple Tips That Can Help Even the Worst Procrastinators

  • Feel free to skip this one and read it later. 
  • Ah, see what I did there? I'm so sneaky. No no, read this now because Andy Molinsky looks deep into all of our souls, sees how much we procrastinate, and then made the time to kindly write a few solid tips to help us avoid over-procrastination. Good guy, that Andy.
  • 3 MIN READ

Five Simple Tactics to Attract New Donations Right Away

  • If you follow me over on The Rundown REMIX online (it's basically The Rundown on Facebook with more emphasis on a broad range of nonprofit articles of variable merit - unlike here where I only showcase what I think is the best) then you know I love a good "Well, yeah, Duh!" blog.
  • Donald Cowper, featured over on the GuideStar Blog, isn't really telling us anything new? But let's not pretend we don't all need reminders of how to do our jobs better when it comes to attracting donors. 
  • My thoughts? #4 is critical and often overlooked and #5 is something I talk about with my clients all the time and needs to be considered at all times. 
  • 3 MIN READ

How To Build A Stellar Fundraising Committee & Volunteer Team

  • Ohhhh... don't you love a 2-for-1 sale? In a world where we shouldn't be doing the work of nonprofits alone - but often do - this article is a refreshing outline of how to build a small army of support that's focused on fundraising while smartly leveraging volunteers
  • Zach Hagopian over at VolunteerMatch gives some guidance on how to arm a group of diverse, multi-stakeholders into a focused group of organized, focused committee members. 
  • "But Ben, managing a group of people is sometimes more work than the task itself..." You liar. And you know you're lying. You're just tired and sometimes feel hopeless and frustrated. And that's ok. But this industry--and all of us--need to think more like a choir and less like a solo artist sometimes. Trust me. 
  • 4 MIN READ


"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." 
Mattie Stepanek - 14yo best-selling American poet who, before his death, had become known as a peace advocate and motivational speaker

The Rundown 6.7.2017

As the seasons change (Happy Summer!) I find that trends in articles tend to change as well. I'm seeing a spike in career changing and organizational growth themes on the rise. And while some of the articles are great, some are just filler, trying to capture some of the energy around those themes. 

But no filler here! This week I read several articles that were not just about these kinds of changes, but also about our struggles with creativity, money and networking too. And don't forget that having struggles with our artistic sensibilities, having cash flow and knowing people are massive and often necessary elements to becoming successful with any kind of change.

So while I didn't see these articles as having a universal theme? I think they do. As intertwined as you and me. Wait. What do you mean you don't want to be associated with me? Aw. Ok. Fine. I'll be ok. I know you just like me to read all the cool stuff I find. I get this relationship. But I don't have to like it. 


Bias Against Creativity

  • Prior to running my consultancy, I've personally found that while folks do a good job talking about wanting and appreciating creatively, it's pretty much a big fat lie
  • Thank god for people like Tomasz Tunguz who re-opens this can of worms so nicely in a piece he wrote about a 2010 report titled Bias Against Creativity and it's often lack of influence in the workplace - and what you can do to fix that. 
  • Because if I hear one more time "Oh, that's very creative, but we were just looking for a small tweak to our tremendously broken model we can't remember why we have it but it's served us so poorly and we never want to see it change just different and better..." or something like that? I'm paraphrasing. I'm going to lose my mind. 
  • 2 MIN READ

How to Invest in Nonprofit Talent When Your Budget is Tight

  • You can't do it alone. No really. And frankly, stop trying. Nonprofits were not build to be done by one person doing everything. This is not a singing contest, these are lives you're trying to change. 
  • Alicia Schoshinski over at Nonprofit HR pulls out some solid stats, tools and considerations to go from one to some with a thoughtful approach and an understanding of financial and other limitations. 
  • Smaller nonprofits, this article was written with you fully in mind. Read it twice, tuck it away and doodle about it in your dream journal
  • 5 MIN READ

12 of the Best Nonprofit Job Boards for People With Passion

  • Maybe you love your current job. Maybe you don't. Maybe you just want to see what's around the block. Maybe you don't have a choice in the matter.
  • No matter the reason? The lovely Joanne Fritz at The Balance gives you 12 of the best of the best places to go looking, hunting and scoring. 

3 Easy-to-use Templates And Strategies For Effective Networking

  • Sometimes networking isn't as hard as closing the loop. And while this article is targeted to women specifically, I can assure you the advice is fantastically gender neutral. Maybe even fluid. You be the judge. 
  • Lelia Gowland over at Forbes breaks it down and even gives some stellar template email and loop-closing language to consider and make your own. 
  • 3 MIN READ


"By the way, intelligence to me isn't just being book-smart or having a college degree; it's trusting your gut instincts, being intuitive, thinking outside the box, and sometimes just realizing that things need to change and being smart enough to change it."
Tabatha Coffey - Australian hairstylist, salon owner, and tough as nails television personality


The Rundown 5.31.2017

Can you feel it? It's almost summer. And with the change in the season, it gets a guy to thinking. No, not how to make this the "best summer ever!" like every magazine cover is over-promising you, but moreover how to keep pushing ahead smarter and more informed than you were yesterday.

Looking back at the past few days, it didn't feel like I was having an existential experience, but I feel like several of the reads and something I wrote will oddly reflect otherwise. Who knows, you tell me. 

All the same, it's like everything I share and hope you'll read and enjoy too: nuggets of wisdom and support that aims to make you smarter, faster, wiser, stronger. No really. It's what I consider to be part of my charms. I'm sure you do too. And if not? The critique only serves to make me stronger. Sadder, sure. But stronger nonetheless. 


Why Most People Will Never Be Successful

  • Go grab some coffee or tea, find a comfortable place to sit, and center yourself for a very thoughtful piece on the meaning and existence of success in your life
  • Benjamin Hardy over at Thrive Global is wisely pushing people to take higher quality choices in their goals and their daily lives.
  • This stuff matters. Deeply. Most of us in the nonprofit sector are trying very hard to change our little slice of the world and that doesn't come easy or by choosing poorly - or by not realizing we might be choosing poorly.
  • 3 MIN READ

The 6 Most Read Parts of any Major Gift Solicitation Letter

  • Assuming you have a sip or two of your coffee or tea left, you have just enough time to read this crazy quick piece on the parts of solicitation letters that matter most to donors. 
  • Greg Warner over at MarketSmart is a wise guy who understands brevity and communicating openly. I mention this because sometimes in his articles the really good stuff is in the comment section. You'll see
  • 1 MIN READ w/o reading the comments

7 Brain Hacks That Will Dramatically Improve Your Intelligence and Success

  • I really do believe that to be a good teacher, coach, or consultant you have to be a good student too. 
  • This article by Elle Kaplan also over at Thrive Global (you should really check them out beyond what I'm sharing) is showcasing some slick and savvy tools and processes to help you keep getting smarter and growing your mental wealth. 
  • Some of the advice she gives is honestly just a solid reminder that we're often trying to cram too much into too little time/space/effort. And that reminder alone is worth it's weight in gray matter. 
  • 4 MIN READ

Don't be a Sheep Spreading Wolf Pack Leadership Lies

  • I'm not a skeptic by nature--no pun intended--but when I saw that photo of the walking wolf pack flying around online with it's description of how it's an analogy for leadership... it had me suspicious
  • I'm pretty well known for speaking my mind and having any number of heated opinions about a variety of issues. I know, shocking! But they're my words. My opinions. So when things are heavily shared online that are not the owner's and they don't come notarized? My spider-sense tingles. 
  • This is my response. And maybe I spend too much time on Thrive Global this week? But it got me thinking about personal integrity. Yours and mine. 
  • 4 MIN READ


"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
Martin Luther King, Jr. - American Baptist minister, activist, and leader in the Civil Rights Movement. 


The Rundown 5.24.2017

Remember Jan Brady's famous catchphrase, "Engagement, Engagement, Engagement, why is everyone at school always talking about Engagement?" No? Hm. Well, I'm sure I'm close. Anyway, she's right. Poor Jan just isn't as popular as Engagement and while heartbreaking for her, it's worth paying attention to a little more closely. If you find The Rundown helpful and fascinating (of course you do) you're probably what I would call a "nonprofit engagement professional".

To me, nonprofit engagement professionals are individuals who are invested in the skills, design, concepts and implementation of active engagement tactics for the growth and advancement of their organizations. They live in a world often ruled by the 3R’s: recruitment, retention and recognition. These are individuals who professionally work in classic nonprofit roles such as fundraising, volunteer management, and outreach and education.  

And they drive the Jan's of the word mad. Because they get all the attention. As they should, frankly. And in this week's Rundown, we found some blogs that focus on those attributes: strategy implementation, leadership growth, educational motivators, and change. And sure, Jan can benefit from these stories. But us Marsha’s? We nonprofit engagement professionals need them most.


How to write a fundraising strategy (and how to implement it and keep it alive)

  • Fundraising isn't just "asking for money", it's a dynamic human-based process wrapped in a philosophy, grilled over the flames of philanthropy, and made with love. 
  • The team at the Fundraising Collective are breaking down the basics here to build a smart, comprehensive fundraising strategy model. 
  • 5 MIN READ

From Manager To Leader: How To Transform The Way You Coordinate Volunteers

  • You know the old saying "a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square" I think it's often the same between managers and leaders: a leader is a manger, but a manger is not always a leader.
  • Guest blogging for VolunteerMatch's Engaging Volunteers blog, Clay Boggess puts a smart set of definitions behind this concept and helps people think about how to transition from "volunteer manager" to "volunteer leader" in ways that count. 
  • 4 MIN READ

11 Motivators That Increase the Desire to Learn

  • Have you ever been across the table or at the head of a group of people who were there to listen, but apparently not there to learn?
  • The Amplifire team put together a smart list of motivators that not only help to describe what drives individual's interest in learning, but ways to consider bringing more diversity and strength to your educational models. 
  • My favorite is #11 and it's a cornerstone of some of the magic I've done professionally and now with Rhinocorn for clients who want to invest in those sorts of awesome program models. 
  • 2 MIN READ

Nonprofits: Be Your True Self, Just Like Pinterest

  • Pinterest has recently decided to get rid of their "like" button - a feature considered essential of social medial platforms. Why? Because they found it makes their model more missional. 
  • Which got me thinking... what if nonprofits did the same? What if they looked at things they do because it's the "norm" or an industry standard but they knew it wasn't helping them advance or thrive? So I wrote a small reflection on the subject. 
  • 3 MIN READ


"I think happiness is a combination of pleasure, engagement and meaningfulness."
Ian K. Smith - American physician and author



The Rundown 5.17.2017

Ok, it's time to come clean. I'm just one guy. I mean, I have some limited support from one or two people now and again, but Rhinocorn Consulting, and The Rundown is just one guy. Me. Ben Bisbee.

I'm telling you this, because I thought it was smart or savvy to write this thing like it could be anyone from #TeamRhinocorn - but if you know me personally, you can clearly, amusingly read my voice in these posts. And if you don't know me, you probably don't care anyway.

But why am I really telling you this? Because I really do read 20-40 articles a week and look for the best ones to share. This on top of client work and my own writing and running a business and trying to make magic happen in all aspect of my life. And you deserve to know this - not just so I can own any glory (or spelling errors) but to prove I'm the real deal: I'm a nerdy, hard-working, educationally-driven and amusingly mouthy guy who wants people to be smarter and better informed so we can all grow together. It's why I started Rhinocorn. Its why I write The Rundown. And its what makes me, me. 

Ugh, ok. Now you know. Stop looking at me. The light is so bright! Go away... go read some of the stuff I found this week It's good stuff. I approve. 


How to Attract Corporate Partners with Your Nonprofit Website

  • I literally live for articles like this - smart, visually driven, and detailed rundowns of how someone is excelling in their approach. 
  • Joe Waters from Selfish Giving breaks down a nonprofit's website who is nailing the corporate outreach angle on their website. 
  • Plan to take lots of notes and then put your webmaster on speed dial. 
  • 5 MIN READ

The Non Profit Achievement Gap: Seven Ways Small and Medium Non Profits Stunt Their Own Fundraising

  • This article will make you smile, frown, laugh, cry and clutch your pearls because he's telling the honest story of our lives in the nonprofit development sector. 
  • The wise Armando Zumaya smartly breaks down why we keep failing and flailing in our aim to simplify (aka: under-think) the development needs of our organizations - and he nails every. single. one. 
  • 3 MIN READ

Secret’s Out: Nonprofits Aren’t For-profits & Donors Aren’t Customers

  • Ok, before you click the link, go grab some coffee or tea, stretch a little, maybe walk around the building and then settle in, you're going to be here a while, but it's worth it. 
  • Its not that the article is so long - it's that it's smart. Really smart. And in that intelligence lies the truth behind a lie we tell ourselves all the time - donors are like customers! And thank god for Zach Shefska at the Fundraising Report Card for telling the truth. 
  • SO smart actually, your brain will hurt a little in realizing you've been living with that lie and now you need to think and probably talk differently about donors. And trust me, that's a good thing. 
  • 4 MIN READ


"Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure." 


James Altucher - American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, venture capitalist and podcaster. He's founded or cofounded more than 20 companies and says he failed at 17 of them.

The Rundown 5.10.2017

Do you love your job or do you just love what your job does? That might sound like an insane question outside of the nonprofit sector (unless what something "does" is make us money...) but it's something I feel like we don't ask ourselves enough in the industry or in the mirror.

While the articles this week won't solve for these problems, they do talk about a series of thoughts, processes and ideas to consider to make them better or at least get them more right.

These are three "thinkers" and they are worth every word written. But fair warning - you will probably want to discuss them a little, we bet. And when you do? Feel free to visit the online version of The Rundown: The Rundown REMIX where you can share your thoughts, feelings and even more feelings freely and openly with others and even myself! - Ben


Onboarding Isn't Enough

  • We've all been there: you start a new job and there is some sort of orientation and onboarding process and then... you're off to the races, unloved and alone.
  • Very long, but extremely fantastic article from Mark Byford, Michael D. Watkins and Lena Triantogiannis at the Harvard Business Review on a new concept called Integration that for and nonprofits alike should look at closely if you want to build talent and keep talent.
  • 10+ MIN READ w/o links

The 5 Pillars of a Thriving Nonprofit

  • Some articles start out fairly straight-forward and then upon closer look offer a wealth more than you realized on the subject at hand and really open your mind up to what's possible.
  • Welcome to the brilliance of Joan Gerry, she's got her finger on the pulse of nonprofits and their messiness and writes fantastic articles - like this one where you think you've seen it before? But not like this. 
  • Pilar #2 is the Rhinocorn sweet-spot and why we even exist to support nonprofits, but each of the 5 are critical to your successful existance.
  • 4 MIN READ

Why Nonprofiteers Fall In and Out of Love With Work

  • There is the "work" and there is the work at nonprofits. Far too often I see nonprofit professionals who want to "recapture" the love for the mission because to accomplish the mission they have to focus on management.
  • This smart article by Caroline Kim Oh delves into this mindset and the struggles of those who are compelled or feel compulsive to lead in the nonprofit sector with a fresh set of eyes.
  • And hey, you might even see yourself in this article. Or maybe you might not. At least not yet. [insert evil laugh]
  • 3 MIN READ



"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."
Harriet Tubman, American abolitionist, humanitarian, and an armed scout and spy for the United States Army during the American Civil War.


The Rundown 5.3.2017

As the great pop philosopher Justin Timberlake once sang, "Its gonna be May..." and so declared, then it actually was. And now it actually is. Ah May, when Spring is in full effect and flowers, trees and allergies are blooming. 

May is also one of those months where folks really seem to re-focus on fundraising. Don't know why. Maybe because we're well past holiday and start-of-year campaigns. Maybe because it's pre-summer, a time when historically numbers often dip for most nonprofits. Or maybe it's just because May ushers in a sense of growth and greenery that makes money-driven and money-seeking folks think about all things green. 

Who knows. Or cares. But this week we found several "make more money now" articles with some stellar and modern suggestions you should pour over to put your organization in a better fundraising headspace. We're also starting with a revelation Ben had about nonprofit and corporate partnerships everyone needs to read. Maybe share? Certainly like. But no, no. Do what feels right for you. 


Psssst. The REAL Truth about Nonprofit and Corporate Partnerships

  • Ben was tired of industry leaders writing the same fictionalized stories about nonprofit and corporate relationships over and over.
  • So he took to LinkedIn to talk about the real truth behind the struggles and frustrations both sides of the industry faces to finally clear the air. 
  • 3 MIN READ

Fundraising Events: 5 Forward-Thinking Ideas

  • The era of event-heavy fundraising is changing. And while many nonprofits still heavily invest in events for fundraising, just as many more are moving away from this model for a variety of reasons or becoming more critical about the make and model of these events.
  • With that in mind, Amy DeVita with TopNonprofits has put together a nice, modern look at what can make your events a little smarter and savvier. 
  • We loved all the tips but #4 - which felt a little unnecessary and expensive, but to each their own, of course.
  • 4 MIN READ

Three Tips for Common Sense Fundraising

  • Common sense? Who has time for that? But don't let us stop you from considering 3 really solid tips about that notion for your fundraising efforts. Or continue going wild and crazy, who are we to judge.
  • The NPengage team is always filled with some solid tips and tricks and this time coming from Pamela Barden, where she blends a little recent news with a little classic college graduation'esque "Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines common sense as..." into a quick and witty article about common sense fundraising. 
  • 2 MIN READ

5 Trends for Raising Money Right Now

  • You wanna raise money RIGHT NOW?! Well then, why are reading The Rundown? You should be out there with a can and a plan. 
  • But if you want to prepare yourself a little with some great insights, tips and trends to help you fundraiser very soon, you've come to the right place. 
  • Marcy Heim brings a wealth of experience and her knowledge of some of the best of the best industry leaders to devise a Top 5 List of trends to help raise more money. Now. Or later. Your choice.
  • 4 MIN READ

Join Team Rhinocorn at ServiceUnites: Conference on Volunteering and Service

If you or anyone from your organization is heading this June 19th-21st to Seattle for the Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service let us know!

Ben is presenting a workshop on the Rhinocorn Consulting philosophy of Corporate Relationship Advancement - for nonprofits to reclaim their end of the relatinship with corporate partners on Tuesday June 20th, from 4:00 - 5:30pm

And if you're into drinks and snacks, Ben will also be co-hosting a Happy Hour event Tuesday evening for current and former clients, friends and industry nerds - details coming soon in a separate update in a few weeks. 


"Martin Luther King didn’t get up 50 years ago and say: I have a budget and a plan!"
Alan Clayton - Chairman of Alan Clayton Associates, focused on creative business for charities, non-profits and NGOs globally


The Rundown 4.26.2017

Happy National Volunteer Week! So is this week about appreciation or acknowledgement or education or pride? Yes. All of that. And more, frankly.

This week on The Rundown, we're not covering a ton on the subject of volunteers, but we are over on The Rundown REMIX: a new Facebook page that allows you to share your favorite articles with folks too - just like we do each and every week. It's sort of the volunteer version of the The Rundown, but don't worry the email subscription isn't going anywhere. We love your inbox too much. 

Aside from that fun new space for all of you to explore and contribute on, this week we're covering some topics around nonprofit salaries, apologizing for emails, corporate partnerships and leaving volunteer management for executive leadership roles. Enjoy! 


Why Leaving Volunteer Management May be the Best Thing for the Profession

  • More Than A Job - Why aren't more professionals in the volunteer administration space seeking growth in executive roles? This is the question and thoughtful exploration by Elisa Kosarin from Twenty Hats Consulting.
  • Like Team Rhinocorn, Elisa is passionate about the power those with volunteer leadership experience can offer to the nonprofit executive sector.
  • 4 MIN READ

Alright, We Need to Talk About Nonprofit Salaries

  • Avert Your Eyes, Taboo Subject Ahead - no really, why aren't we talking more openly about nonprofit salaries? 
  • As described by the whip-smart Vu Lee from Nonprofit with Balls, because we're not talking about nonprofit salaries, the side-effects are extremely jarring: gap issues, wage issues, crappy analystics driving our decisions, and more. 
  • Which got us thinking.... Do you have comfortability issues with talking openly about nonprofit wages? And if no, why? And what needs to change to help make you more comfortable? We wanna know. 
  • 3 MIN READ

5 Questions to Improve Your Corporate Partnerships Today!

  • Are you attending the National Conference on Volunteerism & Service? If so, Team Rhinocorn will be there too and Ben is even presenting one of the days - and hosting a breakfast for friends & clients! 
  • What is Ben Presenting On? This very article, actually. He has a proven formula to help grow corporate partnerships that work for nonprofits first. 
  • 5 MIN READ

Let’s All Stop Apologizing for the Delayed Response in Our Emails

  • Is Your Email Killing You Softly? Or maybe even harshly. Or maybe you're dying and you don't even realize it like because it's like the Matrix and you're stuck inside the machine but your real self at your desk is dying in real life? You get the idea. 
  • Release The Pressure - Melissa Dahl at the Science Of Us, breaks this topic down and moreover gives us the power and assurance to stop feeling like we have to rely immediatly and/or apologize when we don't. 
  • Brillant read. Pop a red pill and read it twice. Or was it a blue pill? Hm. Maybe don't pop any pills. Just read this. 
  • 4 MIN READ


"Research has shown that people who volunteer often live longer."
Allen Klein - American businessman, publisher, writers' representative, filmmaker and record label executive

The Rundown 4.19.2017

"Change is a good thing." is one of those statements often made by people mid sobbing, focused on the reality of things they cannot control. Or the hopeful sigh of someone who doesn't know what's coming next, but they're amid an unfolding dynamic. Or the chipper, handsome consultant who saw the changes coming, but since no one listened to him everyone ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. 

But he did try to warn you. Let the record show.

Digressing... The Rundown this week is filled with ways to deal with change, changing landscapes, and things you think you can't change, but probably can. No really. You just have to try. No really. I promise. You'll see. 


The Four Reasons Relationships Fail

  • Oh look a two-for-one! In this really smart article, Dr. Travis Bradberry highlights the "four horsemen" of apocalyptic relationships failures that we've all faced personally and professionally: criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling. 
  • But don't grab the tissues just yet, he also wisely highlights how to overcome them with masterful skill - he's a good guy, that Dr. Bradberry.
  • 3 MIN READ

Conveying Mandatory Meetings As Mandatory

  • Q&A is A-OK! What happens when you have an event or meeting or retreat and try to make it "mandatory" but people still find reasons to bail?
  • A simple question the CoreStrategies for Nonprofits team responds to, giving19 different answers to try and avert the anti-mandatory problem we've all faced. 
  • Our Favorite?! "Serve food. Good food. It matters." - So. Damn. True. 
  • 4 MIN READ

17 Experts Reveal the 3 Ways Technology has Changed Philanthropy

  • Our Own Ben... was featured in a really thoughtful international piece by Optimy about how technology has and continues to change the face of classic philanthropy.
  • The 16 other perspectives from around the world give a smart level of insights into how tech creates unique solutions--and sometimes problems--for those who are looking to make good things greater.
  • 10 MIN READ 

Strategic Corporate Philanthropy: Driving Business Results Through Giving

  • Changing Philanthropy, Corporate Foundations and Corporation Citizenship... oh my! 
  • Our friend and all-around good guy Steve Greenhalgh writes a great article published by Good Done Great, focused on the changing landscape of corporate philanthropy and how it's becoming highly strategic. 
  • Which got us thinking... is your nonprofit strategically positioning yourself to get in front of the corporations who are looking to support causes your mission addresses? If not, let's talk. 
  • 3 MIN READ


"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."
Jimmy Dean - Singer, television host, actor, and sausage marketer