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Ben Bisbee | Principal + Founder

I have over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit industry building successful and award winning community and development programs for small boutique organizations, budding international organizations, and some of the nation’s largest and prolific organizations alike. I have been contracted to solve problems, create national fundraising and CSR platforms and mentor leaders through new or difficult challenges.

And I love a challenge. The size and scope of some of the best programs on the planet are not made up of their staffing and budgets, but with their spirit and architecture. So I see myself as a very spirited program architect who not only wants to see others succeed but absolutely exceed their own goals. 

Beyond my professional merits, I'm a proud husband, pet owner, writer and idealist. I secretly dream of being a stand-up comic or chef, but promise not to bother clients with knock-knock jokes or slightly burnt cherry turnovers.

Joe Takacs | COO, Account Director 

Joe has over 10 years experience in client management and organizational operations with a strong focus on social/electronic media, client services and business strategy and is excited to join Rhinocorn Consulting to assist with clients and operations alike. He has a mosaic background working in high-level pharmaceutical communications, helping to run operations for the nation's largest animal welfare organization, and managing clients and operations with several national tech start-ups and leading international communications companies. 

Beyond his professional merits, Joe is an avid gamer and animal advocate.  He secretly dreams of becoming an architect or running his own animal shelter, but promises not to bother clients with exciting floor plans or asking if they'd like to adopt any adorable kittens who need a loving home. 

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