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Helping nonprofits advance

through more engaging

programs, strategies + partnerships


Rhinocorn Consulting works with nonprofits to advance and design new strategies for successful fundraising, volunteer, engagement, partnership and Corporate Social Responsibility programs. 


Many nonprofits struggle with the resources necessary to orchestrate large transformative changes, dynamic new tools, and lucrative strategies to take them to the next level. Rhinocorn Consulting provides the ad-hoc support for nonprofits looking for anything from advice to hands-on design and implementation or anything in-between. 

Rhinocorn Consulting works with nonprofits of any shape or size to:

  • Create tools and strategies designed to increase fundraising and organizational goals  
  • Create mission-centered individual donor and corporate partnership solicitation models 
  • Design progressive and cost-saving engagement, educational and volunteer programs
  • Empower organizations to own and drive Corporate Social Responsibility demands and partnerships

To change or transform your nonprofit organization for greater success you need a partner.  You need someone who understands your mission and vision, but also how to insure your efforts and programs match in a world with ever-changing CSR priorities and corporate philanthropy. You need someone who will help you build the best tools and models possible and while you keep powerfully moving forward. 

Founded by Ben Bisbee, Rhinocorn Consulting is committed to understanding your goals, your organization, your strengths and your needs to help empower you to build the very best tools, processes and programs possible.


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Rhinocorn Specializations

Rhinocorn Consulting is committed to understanding your goals, mission, strengths and needs
to help empower you to build the very best tools, relationships and programs possible.







Nonprofit Partnership Advancement (NPA)

  • Do you have a mission-focused response to Corporate Social Responsibility that helps you to lead your corporate partnerships and advance your mission?

Corporate Relations & Engagement Development

  • Are you attracting, educating and retaining corporate partners, donors and volunteers effectively?  
  • Are you offering best-in-class engagement programming, compelling your partners to ask for more?

Program & Fundraising Development

  • Are your programs and development efforts well staffed, smart, lean and effective?
  • Are you trying to "raise money" or actually develop effective partnerships who work with and for your mission?

Solicitation and Partnership Development

  • Are you offering increasingly dynamic and mission focused solicitation packages to offer your corporate partners your best?

Volunteer Program Development

  • Is your volunteer program the best it can be with it's design, trainings and volunteer retention?
  • Are your volunteer programs scalable and mission focused?

Corporate & Business

Corporate Social Responsiblity

  • Are your employees engaged, volunteering and donating powerfully?
  • Are you vetting your nonprofit partners against your mutual, corporate citizenship goals or employee interests?
  • Do you need a mediator or mentor to help engage or manage new or existing nonprofit partners?

UN: Sustainable Development Goals

  • Is your company looking to direct or deepen their impact with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? 

Rhinocorn is Also Available For

  • Thought leadership and Executive Coaching for your senior or managing leadership
  • Public Speaking and Presentations for special events or conferences
  • Writing and Research for your newsletter or blog. 


Working With Rhinocorn

Offering a wealth of tailored and customized services, we offer several ways to connect and consult with Rhinocorn Consulting. We always encourage prospective clients to schedule a 60min Free Consultation with Team Rhinocorn as well as consider the key offerings below:


Monthly Advisory Services

Our exclusive consulting and advice-only model, offering a set number of hours for clients to access on a month to month basis to assist with guidance and advisory consulting tailored to your personal or organizational needs.

This model also includes our Executive Coaching options. 


 Project & Flat-Fee Services

Sometimes clients just need a specific project accomplished and/or designed and would prefer to work with a classic flat-fee rate for specific needs and projects.

Based on the nature and scope of your project, we then offer inclusive project rates for your custom needs. 


Rhinocorn On Retainer

Much of what we specialize in and offer can take several months of scope, research and customized work to insure your organizational needs and goals are not just met but exceeded.

In these instances we offer our Rhinocorn On Retainer model offering set hours and a custom timeframe for the scope of our services. 

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Professional Endorsements

Ben has the rare quality of being able to create innovative strategies with long-term vision and to then turn around and create equally impressive tactical level frameworks to bring make the vision in question a reality.
— Christine Foster, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist at Tata Consultancy Services
Ben is awesome at coming up with out-of-the-box ideas and solutions—and he also excelled at implementing them.
— Court Ogilvie, Chief Operating Officer at National Military Family Association
Not only is Ben a true subject matter expert ... he also has the ability to understand the viewpoints of different audiences and write for them.
— Maria Ho, Association for Talent Development
Ben is one of the most thorough, conscientious, phenomenal people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with ... his creativity, enthusiasm and attention to detail stood out among his colleagues.
— Shana Wallenstein, Accelerant Fundraising Solutions
Ben has proven himself to be hardworking, good-natured, and a continual source of innovative ideas. I do not hesitate to recommend him and will welcome an opportunity to work with him again in the future.
— Elizabeth Gill, Elizabeth Gill Consulting