Making engagement Powerful

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Why Rhinocorn?

Does your Organization need:

  • A new strategy to powerfully engage donors?
  • A world-class model of volunteer engagement and management?
  • Corporate partnership and solicitation tools that support six-figure asks?
  • Synergy design to connect your Engagement Professionals and programs?
  • Models of engagement that invite and educate the public?

Then you've found the right partner in Rhinocorn. 

Rhinocorn specializes in supporting nonprofits and corporations of all shapes and sizes, at the community and national levels with our engagement and organizational architecture design expertise. 

A different kind of consultancy:

Rhinocorn is not a "freelance" consultancy.  We are focused on your design and strategy needs, not playing an adjunct or temporary staffing role.

We accelerate your organizational goals by creating new models of management and engagement. 

We save you time and money, allowing staff to keep focus on day-to-day operations while new designs, tools, and strategies are being developed and installed.

Areas of cONSULTING + Design  

Focused on design, content creation, and strategy, Rhinocorn offers consulting support in the following Engagement Expertise areas of nonprofit practice for community and national nonprofits alike:

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  • Major Gift Fundraising
  • Corporate Solicitations and Partnership
  • Volunteer Program Management
  • Board Development
  • Events & Public Programs
  • Engagement Professional Collaboration
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  • Major Gift Fundraising 
  • Corporate Solicitations and Partnership
  • Volunteer Program Management
  • Board Development
  • Events & Public Programs
  • Engagement Professional Collaboration
  • Headquarter to Field Staff and Volunteer Management and Synergies

Team Rhinocorn

Team Rhinocorn


Rhinocorn's Service options

 We encourage prospective clients to schedule a 60min Free Consultation with Team Rhinocorn, as well as consider these options:

Monthly Advisory Services

 Project & Flat-Fee Services

Rhinocorn On Retainer

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Why Others Choose Rhinocorn

Ben is as smart as a whip, but more importantly he is not afraid of the truth or the challenges of helping nonprofits rethink their systems to be more influential and effective.

Greg Baldwin | President of VolunteerMatch


"Ben is one of the most thorough, conscientious, phenomenal people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with ... his creativity, enthusiasm and attention to detail stood out among his colleagues."

Shana Wallenstein | Director of Development & Communications, Beachwood City Schools

“From our earliest conversations with Ben, we knew he ‘got’ us – our organizational culture, our engagement challenges, and our vision for the future. He was passionate about being a partner in helping to envision and actualize our non-profits’ potential, and has been a crucial asset in helping us frame a more comprehensive corporate engagement philosophy, as well as building the processes and content we needed to respond to our partners’ engagement needs... We accomplished more in our several months working with Ben that we had in the previous several years to propel our engagement strategy forward."

Eliza Yoder | Associate Director of Fundraising Strategy & Engagement at Share Our Strength / No Kid Hungry

"Ben is awesome at coming up with out-of-the-box ideas and solutions—and he also excelled at implementing them."

Court Ogilvie Chief Operating Officer at National Military Family Association

"Brilliant ideas, creative solutions, and great people." 

Brenda L Bolin | Compass Marketing Communications

"Ben has proven himself to be hardworking, good-natured, and a continual source of innovative ideas. I do not hesitate to recommend him and will welcome an opportunity to work with him again in the future."

Elizabeth GillElizabeth Gill Consulting

"Rhinocorn has secured its position in the market as a leader in the area of engagement professionalism purely because Ben has seen both sides of the story - from a leader in the non-profit world to a 'service provider' - which gives him a unique understanding of the challenges. And Ben is a pioneer in this burgeoning area of engagement professionalism, and for those non-profits and corporations alike, who are looking at things from a different perspective, Rhinocorn should be on the list of people to contact."

Victoria Miles | Vision Wheel Marketing

"Ben has the rare quality of being able to create innovative strategies with long-term vision and to then turn around and create equally impressive tactical level frameworks to bring the vision in question a reality."

Christine Foster | Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist at TATA Consultancy Services

"Not only is Ben a true subject matter expert with a deep understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility, he also has the ability to understand the viewpoints of different audiences and write for them."

Maria Ho | Association for Talent Development (ATD)

"Ben has supported me 150% and oversaw every step in the journey towards Courage to Caregivers successfully obtaining our 501c3 as well as mapping out our next steps for a successful launch. If your organization is needs of 'refresh' or consulting services in ANY way I suggest you both reach out to him..."

Kristi Anderson Horner | Executive Director at Courage to Caregivers